Delhi Police savagely trolls Sehar Shinwari who wanted to complain against PM Modi

Delhi Police is one of the largest metropolitan police forces in the world and functions under the jurisdiction of the Government of Delhi.

The Delhi Police is chaired by a Commissioner of Police and is divided into several branches and units to handle various aspects of law enforcement, including crime prevention, traffic control, maintaining public order and investigation of crimes.

For the record, Delhi Police work closely with other law enforcement agencies. Besides that. they play an important role in making sure of the safety and security of the residents of Delhi.

Delhi Police gives EPIC reply to Pak actress who wanted to complain against PM Modi

The Delhi Police gave an epic reply to Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari, who wanted to lodge a complaint against Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and e Research and Analysis Wing or R&AW chief for allegedly spreading chaos in Pakistan.

She took to Twitter and wrote, “Anyone knows the online link of Delhi Police? I have to file a complaint against Indian PM & Indian Intelligence Agency RAW who are spreading chaos and terrorism in my country Pakistan. If the Indian courts are free (As they claim) then I am sure Indian Supreme Court will provide me justice.”

Meanwhile, Delhi Police who came across the tweet came up with an epic reply to the actress. “We are afraid we still do not have jurisdiction in Pakistan. But, would like to know how come you are tweeting when the internet has been shut down in your country!” Delhi Police replied.