7 year ago this Airtel Girl became overnight star, where is she now?

Telecom company “Airtel” made this girl its “poster girl” and made her a star overnight.

You may not remember the name of this girl but you will not be able to forget this face for years to come. This girl was known in every corner of India after huge hoardings were put up!

In those days the internet was not that prominent! But despite this, this girl became a star in no time. The name of this girl is Sasha Chettri.

“Isse fast kahi network mile to lifetime mobile bill free” you will remember this ad. The girl who says this on TV is also called Airtel 4G girl. But now the question is where this 4G girl is, in what condition is she? It must be painful for you to know this. About 8 years ago, Airtel start casting Sasha for their ads! People liked her first ad so much that Airtel got ads one after the other.

Sasha is a resident of Uttarakhand but at the age of 16 she came to Mumbai and started studying in Communication Advertising here. She loved music, Airtel was looking for a models who were confident and new to the industry. And that’s why Airtel showed faith in Sasha and then she is becoming more popular day by day!

Everyone believed that this girl would never look back in her career! Sasha took advantage of her popularity and she worked in the Bollywood film “Katti Batti”, but Bollywood did not take her seriously, then she decides to move to the South. In that she worked in a few selected films, after that last year Sasha was seen in a film Prostitute, no one knows when this film came and faded.

she was last appeared in film of Prabhas “Radhe Shyam”. Sasha was earlier active on Instagram but she has not shared any post since September last year. Sasha didn’t get what she deserved! No one knows where she is, where she hiding herself. there is no update about her since last 6 months! A girl who was once a star is nowhere to be found today!

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