Foreigners have started chewing Khaini after bonding with Indian workers

Incidents of crazy things happening behind the scenes appear out of nowhere, at times, it goes viral on the internet. Meanwhile, the latest case is also similar.

Recently, a man claimed in his tweet that an Indian boy taught him to smoke tobacco with lime. Not only this, he also liked this lime tobacco a lot!

In fact, about a week ago, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar virtually inaugurated the solar powered water supply system in Uganda. He shared a video of this on his account, which received lots of replies.

“Participated in the virtual groundbreaking ceremony of solar powered piped drinking water supply systems funded by @IndiaEximBank in Uganda. This project will provide safe and sustainable water supply to half a million Ugandans across 20 rural districts,” Dr S Jaishankar wrote.

Meanwhile, one of these replies made people laugh. In reply to this tweet, a social media user named Agaba shared her photo with a boy.

While sharing the photo, Agaba wrote “I worked with this Indian guy for 3months. He taught me how to eat tobacco mixture with white coloured flour-like things(ssuna) It was damn cool. He was like a brother to me.”