Hrithik Roshan compliments girlfriend Saba Azad; she replies

Hrithik Roshan compliments girlfriend Saba Azad; she replies

Hrithik Roshan also known as “Greek God” was born on 10th January 1974 in Bombay, Maharashtra. According to the UK-based Eastern Eye journal, Hrithik is the hottest Asian man in the world for 2019 and the last decade.

This Greek god of Indian cinema has an unbelievably toned figure for a mortal being. Fitness is never simple, and for Hrithik, maintaining that sculpted body and god-like figure requires hours of training and a strict diet.

His training consists primarily of cardio and weightlifting. He stunned the world when he shed 10.5 kilograms and three inches from his waist in ten weeks for his flick Krrish 3. His fan following spreads across nations who follow his activities and take a keen interest in the happenings of his daily life. 

Hrithik was born with 11 fingers with two thumbs in his right hand. He considers his thumb to be lucky but it is not frequently seen in his movies. Hrithik Roshan made his big on-screen debut in the year 2000 with the movie ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. Following that he went on to win his first Filmfare Award for both Best Actor and Best Male Debut. 

Hrithik Roshan compliments girlfriend Saba Azad; she replies

Saba Azad once posted a video of her singing a Punjabi song on Heer (the character of one of the popular tragic romances).

She captioned the post, “Mid study time daydreaming of Heer. Was going over lines for my next project and this one came and sat in my mind, had to get it out of me to be able to concentrate. For as long as I can remember Heer has been a part of my musical upbringing – so many magical singers have told her story in song – for me my earliest memories of Heer-Ranjha go back to the summer holidays in Ludhiana at my grandparents’ place – its magical notes coming to us from my Dadiji’s (grandma) room where she played it on her cassette player.”

“Our parents played us so many different versions of this tragic story of love and loss that the telling of Heer sits in my heart like a memory I myself have lived. Its seamless spoken word to song storytelling format is unlike any other musical tradition Iv heard and almost always brings me to tears. If I remember correctly this is a tiny excerpt from Tufail Niazi’s rendition,” she continued.

She added, “Yes you can hear the AC grumbling in the back – yes that’s a pencil in my hair – it’s far from perfect and not my best attempt I’m afraid but I loved singing it anyway – bhool chook maaf (forgive the errors). Heer kaindi hai (Heer is saying)-I went looking for Ranjha. But I couldn’t find him anywhere. In my search I even found God but alas even God isn’t like my Ranjha. I don’t want to go with the Kheras (the family she was forcefully married into). Only Dheedo Ranjha lives in my heart. God pls I don’t want to go with the khereyaan-main nahin jaana khereyan de naal…”

Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan responded to the post as he commented, “That pencil only adds to the contrast of all that you are as a human. Anomaly I say (fire emojis).” Saba responded, “@hrithikroshan hey thanks 🙂 trust you to find value in my stationary – you the cutest – ok bye.”

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