I will become Wiser in next 3-4 months: Rahul Gandhi tells confidently

For expressing his thoughts on his mass movement for the revival of his political career, Rahul Gandhi had a press conference recently. He was mainly asked about his participation in the presidential elections for the Indian national congress. He was asked whether he would participate in the elections, to which he replied, “I have no confusion or two opinions about it, it’s clear and I have no cons with it, it will be clear to everyone, once the election began.”

He also talked about his uniting nation initiative, ‘The Bharat JodoYatra’, which is a foot march from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Rahul Gandhi also expressed his wish to the opposition to take part in it for the sake of the greater impact. However, Rahul is not leading the initiative, but taking part as a volunteer.

The purpose of this foot march which began on September 7, 2022, is to unite the whole country against the alleged political approach of BJP led central government in New Delhi.  The mass movement was called on by Rahul Gandhi and Telangana chief minister. Is it to be known that this 3750 km march which has to be continued for 150 days is the biggest mass movement India has ever witnessed? 

Saying more about the padayatra, Gandhi said, “I don’t find any objection in participating in it.” According to the goals of the yatra, this will undo the damage done by BJP and RSS. He said that BJP and RSS have made the country hate each other, in the context of BJP’s ParivarBachao remark.

Mr. Gandhi also added that both BJP and RSS have their own opinions like everyone has.

Being continuous under pressure from the reporters in the interview about the further decisions for INC, Rahul Gandhi had to react to their arguments, the upcoming elections would clear all the rumors as the election is going to begin soon.

Mr. Gandhi resigned as the president of the congress in 2019, accepting him to be the cause of the downgrade of the party’s poll and was then driven by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

With this new behavior and a slight sense of controlled mouth, Rahul Gandhi clearly shows that he has taken lessons from his past and moving towards a  changed approach and taking over the management of congress.

“Hopefully I will get some understanding about myself and get some understanding about this beautiful country from this yatra and I think three-four months later, I will be wiser,” he added