US Woman moved 9,000 miles to marry 30-year-old younger boyfriend, catch details

Love is life when you completely understand each other. Just like hunger, love gives you wings as well. If you know the difference between ‘Impress’ and ‘Express’, then you are bound to have a great deal of camaraderie with your partner.

We have heard many love stories in the world. But, one must know that love exists even beyond boundaries? Like every fascinating fairy tale, the romance between the USA woman and a young boyfriend blossomed just like the butterfly tasting the flower with its feet.

Yes, you read it right! We are not kidding. US Woman moved 9,000 miles only to marry a 30-year-old younger boyfriend. This serves as a testimony to the fact beyond boundaries, there exists a world of everlasting love and mutual respect.

Now, you might be thinking about how Deborah and Saitoty met in the first place. Deborah met Saitoty while going to Tanzania with her daughter, Joyce, in October 2017.

Meanwhile, the mother and daughter went along with Saitoti while walking on a beach in Zanzibar. Saitoty and his fellow tribesman had offered souvenirs, Deborah turned them but asked if they could take a picture with them.

This was how the two, Deborah and Saitoty started becoming friends, which eventually bloomed into a romantic relationship.

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Speaking with the Daily Star, Deborah shared her happiness and added, “I never expected to find a husband and marry someone so much younger than me but he is the kindest and most caring man. People ask if I adopted him or if I’m his grandma which can make Saitoti upset. We just like to focus on ourselves and our happiness.”