Indore police solve 1,500 cases of cyber fraud, recover ₹2.5cr in 8 months

Over the past few years, cases of online fraud have increased multifold leading to ordinary people falling prey to cybercrime activities.

The criminals generally scam people out of money by luring, phishing or other hacking practices. Police across the nation find it hard to track the transactions or any other digital footprints of an offender as they have restricted access to banking data.

People often question the working style of police when they get a disappointing outcome. The Indore crime branch has provided much relief to the victims of cyber fraud. Cops helped over 1500 victims recover at least ₹ 2.5 crores in the last 8 months.

“Every time we receive a complaint, we swing into action promptly and try to redirect the transaction back to the victim’s account. We have helped as many as 1500 people get their money back in the last 8 months”, says DCP Nimish Agrawal.

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