The most exciting and popular games in India

Gambling that is popular in India

Social networks have become a part of modern man’s life, so it is no wonder that gambling, as part of leisure, has found its place within the framework of these platforms. A feature of social casinos is that to participate in gambling entertainment, and the user does not need to spend their own money. 

It is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to understand the mechanics and rules of the games. To familiarize yourself with the available games, you may visit In addition, you should not forget that social networks are, first and foremost, a communication channel that allows you to find friends of interest.

Tracking trends: analysis of the most popular games

Every year the rating of games for online casinos is updated, and there are new themes on the wave’s crest. Today it’s James Bond; tomorrow, it’s cyberpunk and related directions. As a rule, the piece the developer chooses affects the cultural sphere of life, namely music, movies, and cartoons.

All existing themes for the creation of slots can be divided into the following:

  • Traditional (these include fruit-themed slot machines);
  • An innovative type of game. 

The first is in the arsenal of the world’s largest developers, and even though they were developed in the early days of industry formation, the game has not lost relevance and is in demand to this day. Developers, of course, seek to improve this kind of game, so every year dilute them with different modern elements, whether animation or music. One of the critical themes of classic slots can also be called the ancient motifs, especially popular in this context, the old Egyptian themes.

However, the gambling industry is developing at an accelerated pace, and therefore worthy competition to the classics are modern popular slots. Themes for their creation can be taken based on the cultural characteristics of the jurisdictions in which developers plan to implement the product. For example, when entering the Asian market, European and American companies add Japanese or Chinese simulators to their portfolio. In addition, the source of inspiration for developers can serve elements of popular culture – popular movies, computer games, anime, or musical works.

In addition to thematic features, popular slots of the top casinos are distinguished by the quality of graphics, convenient functionality, and customer-oriented bonus policy.

According to such significant developers, the convenience of the slot is that the placement of essential buttons is guessed by the user intuitively.

List of popular gambling slots

We have monitored the Internet and conducted surveys of clients of land-based gambling establishments. As a result, we could identify the most popular of them. Themes – movies and comics unite most.


The movie (and subsequently the game) Hitman (“Hitman the Assassin”) has become extremely popular among foreign viewers. So Microgaming decided to create a new slot machine based on the famous story about Hitman.

Hitman slot is a combination of a video game and a slot machine. According to the developer’s website, you’ll find the symbols you’d expect in a game of this nature: knives, poison, and guns.

Iron Man 2

The famous hero of Marvel Comics comes to life on the user’s screen. The main character in the slot Iron Man 2 is Tony Stark. The slot machine is equipped with five rams and 25 prize lines. To give users a chance to experience the character’s life, the developers have provided an option that allows the player to learn how to shoot a gun.


X-Men is a slot with five reels and 25 prize lines, with many additional features.

The creator reports a unique round called The Heroes vs. Villains and wild and scatters symbols. The gameplay includes an additional game called X-Feature. 

The Incredible Hulk 

In seventh place on the list of popular gambling games is Incredible Hulk. “The angrier the Hulk, the stronger he is!” – The motto, briefly describing the slot machine Incredible Hulk.

The slot’s main character is a green mutant who likes to smash cars. Players should prepare for scatter symbols, the “spreading Hulk” function, and other special features.

Thunderstruck II

Lightning strike, romance, massive guy with a hammer – experienced players know what this is about. That’s Thunderstruck II.

This successor to the movie Thunderstruck boasts improved sound effects and graphics. In addition, we are discussing a slot with 243 prize lines and many unique games.

Mermaids Millions 

Mermaids Millions is a slot that many international players have come to love. The screen shows the inhabitants of the deep sea: Poseidon, mermaids, and seahorses, as well as numbers and letters indicating the card values.

Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat

The dynamic slot developed by Microgaming offers a plunge into the war between good and evil, the bright side of which is represented by beautiful female warriors. As conceived by the author, the action takes place in South Africa.

The plot is that the fragile girls must prevent the work of a drug cartel, using the unique skills bestowed upon each of them.

The main buttons are placed so the user can intuitively choose all the necessary options.

On the reels, you can see the traditional card denominations, which successfully contrast with the general style of “militaristic.” However, a feature of the machine is that it does not work with the classic lines and the unique results combinations. The number of which reaches 243 options.


Slots can occupy 80% of the room in land-based gambling establishments and about the same virtual space in online casinos. However, an example of a classic gambling game with a long and exciting history is roulette. Like other games originally presented in land-based casinos, roulette became an integral part of online gambling establishments with the development of remote gambling.

It belongs the bronze in our list of the most popular gambling games. The principle of the game is quite simple: the player must make a bet and press the button that starts the roulette wheel—bets, which coincide with the number on the wheel – the winning.

The Dark Knight 

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time, so a slot machine was developed based on the Dark Knight movie.

It is a well-deserved second place in the list of the most popular gambling games because we are talking about a product from Microgaming. Interestingly, it was this famous slot developer that collaborated with the creators of the movie.


The list of popular gambling games is topped by poker, the most famous table game in history. Even though most of the most renowned poker tournaments, and especially their finals, as a rule, are held in land-based gambling establishments, ordinary players often prefer an interactive version of the game. For one thing, it’s convenient because you can indulge in your favorite gambling pastime not only at home but even on your way to it. Titled players, however, note that the transition to the game in a virtual environment has not only a positive effect. Thus, some high rollers believe that modern technology changes the game, not for the better.

It should be reminded that by the legislation of India, gambling activities can be carried out only in specially created gambling zones, as well as in betting shops, totalizators, and lotteries.

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