Man allegedly tries to steal Mobile, thrown out of train after being caught

You have seen several viral videos on social media however this one will certainly surprise you. It will put you in a state of confusion about whether they did the right thing to the man or their action was inhuman and can’t be allowed in a civilised country like India.

In a viral video from Begusarai of Bihar, a man can be seen hanging from window bars. The video has been shared by several media houses on their official social media accounts. As per media reports, the man was caught stealing a mobile phone. The fellow travellers on the train grew angry and decided to punish him.

They threw him out of the running train, but the accused was stuck at the window. However, people held him by the wrist, from the inside, so that he could not fall to the ground. He could be heard in the video, pleading with them not to let go of him.

Watch the video below:

Bihar is a state known for its instant punishment to wrongdoers. People show no mercy to pickpockets or thieves if they are caught red-handed. We have attached the video below. We leave our readers to decide whether this action is acceptable or whether they should let the law take its course?

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