Girl gives back to teacher who told her she could never make it after board exams, catch details

The bond between teachers and students is very much important because the journey they travel should be meaningful. Parents send their children to school in the hope that they would learn tricks and trade from the teachers and go on to become successful in life.

Teachers have been setting high standards in this competitive world and they have always tried their maximum best to bring the best out of their students. Besides that, they have been able to share or transmit in-depth knowledge to their students.

Apart from that, teachers have done their best to support or back the students in tough times. This is precisely the reason why they are role models to students. No matter how worse the situation student is been through, a teacher would guide the student in the right direction.

While some teachers are setting a great example for students in today’s world, there are others who have crossed their limits. We have seen incidents of teachers misbehaving with students. There were also been incidents of teachers putting too much pressure on students to study.

On the other hand, some teachers have passed comments, stating that the students wouldn’t make it. Teachers should encourage the students and not degrade them. Recently, a girl posted the entire conversation of her with the old teacher, which clearly explained everything. As per the convo, we can understand that the girl gave it back to the teacher.

Let’s learn everything in detail. A girl took to her Twitter handle and then posted a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversion, wherein she can be seen slamming her teacher for degrading her in school.

Her teacher told her that she would not be able to make it after her board results. She took to her Twitter handle and wrote, “Two years ago, me and my friend decided to text our teacher the day our results come out.”

In her message, it was clear that it was not a thank you message. However, it was just a message to show her teacher that she has made it possible.

“Hello, ma’am. I was one of your students in the 10th grade 2019-2020 batch. Sending this message because you told me that I wouldn’t make it, you told me that I wouldn’t pass school and do what I wanted. You degraded me in every level possible. Today, I have passed my 12th grade with good marks and I have gotten into the university I always wanted and I’m also doing the course that I intended to do. So, this is not a thank you message but to show you that I have made it. Next time, please remember to be kind towards people, especially students who seek for your help.”

The teacher responded to her messages by texting, “I still want to take the credit of your passing.”