Boy from Assam gets nominated for a world record for his autobiography

Born and brought up in the Sivasagar district of Assam, Hironmoy had lived through all the struggles of unnatural events, science cannot possibly explain. A happy and peaceful family tormented by the sudden invasion of ghosts had Hironmoy and his elder brother puzzled. The infestation started around 1999 and Hironmoy’s mother was the first to fall prey to the demon. His mother’s health and demeanor drastically transformed, leaving her family members worried to death.

Powerless to change the circumstances, conferring with several doctors, psychics, and faith healers to no avail, the whole family was instilled with fear and uncertainty. With Hironmoy and his brother’s academic struggles and their father’s advancing age, the impending problem outnumbered them. Chinmoy, Hironmoy’s older brother, died instantly in a bike accident on November 6, 2009. Hironmoy, who was just fifteen at the time, felt Chinmoy’s untimely passing like a blow in the back.

Hironmoy was propelled to attend to his mother most of the time in the hospital, while his father had to find a way to keep his job without requesting more leaves. On June 18, 2012, when he was 18 years old, Hironmoy’s mother passed away after a battle that lasted for around 12 years. Life circumstances made his father remarry in order to sustain the family.

After suffering through a severe depressive episode, Hironmoy lost interest in his prior dreams, which were associated with his mother’s contentment. In class 11, he decided to drop out of school and start exploring the world in search of the answers he was unable to find. He began working in the private sector in Kolkata after moving there from Malaysia with only a completion certificate of tenth grade.

Before that, he even worked for an MLM organization in Nagaon, Assam, selling books door to door. After some solo exploration, he eventually realized his passion for entrepreneurship and founded his company, Gaon Ka Khana on June 10th, 2016, to emphasize  Assamese ethnic culinary resources. In addition, he launched Project Mondita in 2021 as a social project in memory of his mother, with the goal of improving women’s mental health in Assam. He also wrote and published a book about entrepreneurship, making him the youngest author in history to do so.

Hironmoy has been invited to give speeches at many academic institutions around Assam. He now works for the people of Assam to combat depression through his social media blogs and videos.  He is no longer a tenth-grade boy, but an inspirational writer, motivational speaker, and rising entrepreneur. His adventure has earned him five national and two international honors, and he has been profiled in publications like India Today and Dainik Bhaskar. 

His experiences to date are now accumulated in an autobiography that will educate and inspire many individuals in navigating the difficult paths of life. Finally, the book (Matric Pass) is currently being prepared for Abha Publication’s formal publication the following week. It will initially be made available in Assamese, and subsequently, an English translation will be made for a larger audience. Hironmoy is recently nominated in the Golden Book of World Records for the title of “Youngest Author to Publish Autobiography,” despite only being 28 years old.

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