KRK once sent an obscene tweet to actress Lisa, the actress gave it back in style, catch details

Lisa Hayden gives a bang-on reply to KRK on Twitter, netizens say it is the best reply

Kamaal Rashid Khan, also known as KRK has often made the headlines for all the controversial reasons. Well, he didn’t wind up in controversies for the first time. If you remember, he appeared on Big Boss season 3 and was evicted on the 19th day for his distasteful behaviour.

Apparently, he had thrown a water bottle at his fellow contestant, Rohit Verma who accidentally hit Shamita Shetty. He also physically assaulted Bakhtiyar Irani and Raju Shrivastav.

Besides that, he has slammed some Bollywood celebrities on the social media portals and the tweets of the same went viral on the internet. Fans are well aware of the unwarranted verbal attacks that Kamal Rashid Khan has made on Bollywood’s celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone, Abhishek Bachchan, Alia Bhatt and Aamir Khan in the past.

Meanwhile, KRK once again engaged in a Twitter war with Lisa Hayden. It all started when KRK reacted to Lisa’s tweet in which she shared a sneak peek into her photoshoot.

For the unversed, this is not the first time KRK passed a disrespectful remark against actresses on the micro-blogging site. Earlier, Sonakshi Sinha slammed KRK on social media and called him ‘waste of space’ who deserved to be ‘hung upside down and given 4 tight slaps’.

After when Lisa Hayden posted a picture, KRK tweet, “Yar @HaydonLisa should I sit down and watch you?”

To which, Lisa Hayden soon took to Twitter and then gave it back to KRK. “Ive been told it doesn’t get much lower than you @kamaalrkhan Still need a chair? #LowLife”.

Meanwhile, KRK replied, “What the fuck @HaydonLisa You are asking ppl to watch you when you are hanging up somewhere. So I just asked whether I can sit n watch you.”

In another tweet, KRK wrote, “N one more thing @HaydonLisa just count your followers n my followers n you will know tat how big star I am. So talk to me with respect.” Soon after KRK’s tweets went viral, Lisa deleted her tweet.

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