The Mind Of The Indian Bettor — How Indians Bet Online

Online betting in India

The online betting industry in India is increasing at a remarkable speed. Despite many  issues, online betting is a widespread and overall activity in India that is on a huge scale. The actual size and range of the online betting industry in India are difficult to estimate at the moment due to the lack of any country regulator or mechanism monitoring the industry.

However, all signs are that online betting is a widespread and popular activity throughout the country and the market is evaluated to be growing at an incredible 20% ​​per year, fueled by grown internet access and increased disposable earnings across all layers of society.

Research shows that younger people are more likely to bet online than older people. 44.6% of all bettors in India are between the ages of 18 and 24, and 32.5% are between the ages of 25 and 34. Thus, the extensive majority of online betting players apply to the younger generation. This makes sense because the older generation is more traditional. They are also not as tech lovers as the younger generation.

No wonder the most popular betting sport in India is cricket. Other main sports contain horse racing, field hockey, and football.

Why is online betting so popular in India?

The popularity of online betting in India is often explained by the fact that physical gambling establishments and casinos are forbidden, so online betting companies are the only places available where Indian bettors can gamble on sports or other affairs.

Recent research showed that the main reasons for the growth of online betting activity in India are: raised access to the internet, raised access to smartphones, and an overall increase in the disposable earnings of the Indian population. The Indian gambling market is estimated to be around US$60 billion per year.

One of the licensed international companies is Parimatch or Parimatch website which has a 28-year history claims to guarantee you a quick and comfortable payout The Youth doesn’t substantiate this claim). The players can place bets before the match or live (in-play). At their disposal is also a mobile app and Customer Support which is available 24/7 via chat, email, or WhatsApp.

The mind of the Indian bettor — how Indians bet online 

Indian players have special psychology and their own approach to online gambling. One thing is sure – many Indians loves betting. Regular sports betting is still widespread in India. Players can access any Indian betting site, bet on the sporting events of their choosing. For comparison, gambling revenue in India as of 2018 exceeds $130 billion. But there are several reasons why Indian bettors love to put bets:

Using knowledge about sports for profit

Most sports fans believe that getting closer to an immersive, in-depth media and sports understanding is the importance of real money gaming. In other words, those who follow the sport want to get more involved in it, and if it brings them money in the process, that’s a satisfactory and appealing factor.

Adrenaline rush

The thrill factor or risk is the leader of the list – the adrenaline rush you get when you place a bet, which can sometimes also lead to more risk, higher bets, and possibly more increased losses.

A change of routine

By placing bets, players feel that they have the opportunity to flee the dull routine of everyday life and communicate with peers. In this case, betting is seen as a getaway mechanism by which players can cope with emotional problems, loneliness, or tedium by entering a new reality and enjoying it with friends.

Glamorous lifestyle

Another aspect that attracts Indian bettors is the glamorous lifestyle associated with big money. It is often advertised to be an easy and fast way to get rich overnight, and the same has often been clarified in film and media culture. Several Bollywood stars and cricket players are seen promoting betting apps on TV and internet in India and Indian youth watch ads day after day and sooner or later try to place a bet.


The emerging betting market in India has a great promise from a business standpoint, but also offers exhilarating insight into how the market functions. it has losses and gains and yet people in India love to bet. The nature of their psychology is the thrill, the use of sports knowledge to make profits, or the search for emotional respite.

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