Girl rejects man after his wig came off head, turned out to be bald

In the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, a woman refused to marry her groom because he turned out to be bald even though half of the wedding rites had been performed.

According to IANS, the main rites were slated for early morning. But in a shocking event, the bride declined to marry the groom after learning about his baldness.

The groom had disguised his baldness from the bride’s family, according to the story. The groom passed out just before entering the mandap. His wig slipped off as he fell to the ground, revealing that he was indeed bald.

Family members and relatives tried to persuade the bride to change her mind, but she refused. The bride had made up her mind after learning that her future spouse would be bald.

The situation was referred to the local police station and finally, a panchayat meeting was summoned, and the girl’s family claimed that the wedding cost them Rs 5.66 lakh. The groom’s side complied with their requests and returned the money to the bride’s father. Without the bride, the groom and the ‘baraatis’ had to return to Kanpur.

“We might have mentally prepared the bride and she would not have been surprised if they had told us about the groom’s baldness.” said the bride’s uncle.

The groom and his family, according to the bride’s uncle, should not have kept the groom’s baldness disguised. “You cannot expect marriage to begin with a lie,” he concluded.