List of countries where Indian driving license is ‘valid’, read everything in detail

List of countries where Indian driving license is 'valid', catch full details

We don’t have to stress about getting an international license in order to drive in foreign countries. There are a notable number of countries that allow Indians to drive using their license and we don’t have to worry about it.

Road trips are the best way to travel and that is following a vote that was derived. It gives you the utmost freedom to have a hand over your trip itinerary. You can drive, rest, eat, laze and visit places for as long as you wish.

Today, we would take a look at 10 countries wherein an Indian driving license is valid:


If you have an Indian driver’s licence, you can travel through the Northern Lights. You can drive around for three months if you also have a valid Indian driver’s licence.

You can only fantasise about lounging in your car seat with your friends or family, experiencing the true bliss of Northern Lights. It does feel like something out of a movie, but that is what the pleasure of travelling by car can bring.


Mauritius is a fascinating island in its own right. From the finest beaches to the most breathtaking views, this location can provide a deeper sense of refreshment than any other.

If you hold a valid English-language driver’s licence, you won’t have any problems. It is, nevertheless, recommended that you have your International Driving License with you.


For the views that you will be able to appreciate while driving, Switzerland is one of the greatest destinations to go on a road trip. All you’ll need is a copy of your Indian driver’s licence that has been translated into English.

You can drive around Switzerland for a year if you have this permission since we drive on the correct side of the road.

New Zealand

If you are above 21 years old and hold a significant Indian driving licence in English, you can drive in New Zealand. If you are both, you may drive around on the left side of the road and take in the scenery. If you don’t have the latter, you may simply obtain an official interpretation from the New Zealand Transport Agency office.

United Kingdom

If you have a valid Indian driver’s licence, you are permitted to enter the United Kingdom for road excursions. You can rent any car from their agency that you are authorised to drive according to your driver’s licence and return it when you leave. It does abide by the Indian rule driving on the left side of the road.

South Africa

South Africa requires you to have an authorised legal Indian driving permit with a photo and a mark. Once you have it, you will be able to travel about in your vehicle and visit any tourist attractions. However, carrying your International Driving Permit is always recommended, as most vehicle leasing companies demand it.


France is the most romantic country on the planet. You can almost feel the emotion as you drive through the nostalgic alleys of France with the person you care about the most. If you have a French copy of your driver’s licence and an authorised driver’s licence, you can drive for a year. There would be no mistake because they drive on the correct side of the roadway and are among the top ten automakers.


You can drive around Australia with a substantial driving permit written in English, but only for three sections of the country. You must drive on the left side of the road. You can also drive with an Indian permit in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory. However, it is always a good idea to have an International Driving Permit on hand in case something unexpected happens.


With a large Indian permit, you can drive in Germany for half a year. It is, nevertheless, advisable to go with an International Driving Permit just in case. If not the IDP, you may obtain the problem from a government agency, which will assist you in avoiding any unneeded trouble.

The United States Of America

The United States travels on the left side of the road, and if you have a valid Indian driver’s licence, you can drive there for a year. The sole stipulation is that it be written in English. If it is not, an IDP is necessary, as well as a xerox of an I-94. Following that, you’ll be able to drive about and visit all of the popular tourist attractions.

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