After Mahesh Babu said Bollywood ‘can’t afford him’, producer Mukesh Bhatt responds

After Mahesh Babu said Bollywood 'can't afford him', producer Mukesh Bhatt responds

Mahesh Babu is one of the most good-looking actors on screen. He hasn’t made his debut in the Bollywood industry. Although there were talks of his upcoming Bollywood projects, Mahesh Babu came up with a bold and straightforward opinion.

There is literally no hiding from the fact that he has a massive fan following in North India. In fact, fans cannot wait to see him conquer Hindi cinema as well. However, Mahesh Babu’s recent response tells us that he is more than happy enough to feature in the South film industry.

During a recent media interaction at the trailer launch of Adivi Sesh’s Major, he opened up about making his debut in Bollywood. He highlighted that the Hindi film industry ‘cannot afford him’, so he wouldn’t waste time doing a Hindi film.

“I may sound arrogant. I did get a lot of offers in Hindi, but I don’t think they can afford me. I don’t want to waste my time working in an industry which can’t afford me. The stardom and the respect I get here [in South] is huge, so I never really thought of leaving my industry and going to some other industry. I have always thought of doing films and becoming bigger. My dream is coming true now and I can’t be happier,” he added in a statement.

Mukesh Bhatt responds to Mahesh Babu’s remark

Speaking to India Today, Mukesh has responded to Mahesh Babu’s statement and said, “If Bollywood can’t afford his price, then very good. I wish him all the best. I respect where he comes from. He has talent and he has an ‘X’ value for the talent that he has generated over the years.

He is a very successful actor and keeping to his requisite of what he wants to get in terms of gratification of our films, if Bollywood cannot work to his expectations, then there is nothing wrong with it. I wish him all the best. Each one to its own.”

In fact, Mahesh Babu also clarified the statement. “I have always wanted to do Telugu films. And I have always wished for Telugu movies to do well across the country. I strongly feel, why should we go to another industry by leaving ours behind? I am very happy that our films are reaching there (in North India). Our movies are doing well at the pan-India level and my dream is coming true.”

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