Two Indore’s notorious cops who wrongly framed journalists over personal vendetta, get punished

An incident of misusing police unform by two notorious cops at Bhawar Kuan police station of Indore has eventually come to light. Constable Kamal Singh and ASI Om Prakash Solanki allegedly joined hands with a mafia to frame Sanjay Kumar who is currently working for a prestigious media house as a video journalist. The cops were line attached as soon as the police commissioner of Indore, Hari Narayan Chari Mishra, took stock of the matter himself.

It is learnt that in October last year, a citizen was ruthlessly beaten inside the thana so much so that he started bleeding. The journalist bravely covered the whole incident despite threats of dire consequences from the constable.

A day later the notorious cops forced some criminals to write down that the reporter had commited a crime with them. On the basis of a written statement made forcefully inside the police station, journalist Sanjay was arrested and sent to jail handcuffed. Sanjay Kumar who hails from a small village of Bihar is a full time news reporter by profession.

The accused cops are facing several charges by fellow policemen about misusing the uniform. As per media reports one more journalist, Krishna, was also wrongly FIRed by him at the same thana. When the matter came to the notice of senior police officers, they took promt action and assured that appropriate measures may be taken in future against the two, if required.

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