Classic Casinos Indians may Love To Visit

India’s relationship with gambling goes as far back as the 3rd century B.C.E. The first documented dice game rockstar was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, Shakuni, whose devious tricks helped craft the exile of the Pandavas. Much has changed in India since the Dwapara Yuga. Mainly, the games have gone public and online.

Since the Public Gaming Act of 1867, gambling has been regulated, but an average Indian casino online enjoys more liberties than land-based casinos. 

In this article, Ram Rao Oak writes about the casinos Indians continue to visit, despite having access to, which probably holds the title of the best online casino in India (Read the disclaimer below this article before clicking any of the outlinks).

Deltin Royale Casino, Panjim

Goa’s floating casinos are a must-see for any serious gambling enthusiast. Deltin Royale Casino provides an opulent setting filled with music, dance, and a plethora of gaming options. It is one of the top off-shore casino cruises, spreading across a 50,000-square-foot casino and floating on the Mandovi River. It’s a sight to behold and is one of the most memorable places you’ll ever see. 

Both the Panjim Jetty and the Reis Magos Jetty serve as secondary entrances to the Deltin Royale Casino. It is 3.7 kilometers away from Panji. These two locations are easily reachable by a variety of modes of public and private transport.

Casino Mahjong, Gangtok

Any casino developed in India must be located in a 5-star hotel. You can expect nothing but the best from Mayfair Spa Resort’s Casino Mahjong. The casino is just a short walk away from the rest of the resort’s attractions. In addition, the beautiful Himalayan mountains are immediately outside the casino’s doors!

There are several restaurants and lounges providing cuisine from local vendors all over the world. Slot machines, roulette, and card games including Texas Hold’em Poker, Flush, and blackjack are all right around the corner too. The Mayfair Gangtok Casino Mahjong is the city’s version of Las Vegas, complete with slot machines and blackjack. And the nightlife is just as phenomenal!

Strike Casino, Bambolim

At the famed Striking Casino in Goa, be ready for a striking gaming experience and a fun-filled evening. The players often pay a visit to this casino.

Additionally, the casino has a VIP lounge and bars where you and your guests can sip on your favorite cocktails. The visitors spend a fantastic evening at a DJ party or other form of live entertainment and try beverages in the casino’s fine-dining restaurant and savor its luxurious meals.

Strike Casino is located in Bambolim, Goa, around 6.7 kilometers away from the city’s center. To get to the casino, the players either take a taxi or public transportation. The hassle of travel is always worth the trip for the Arabian Sea views alone! 

Deltin Casino, Daman

Delta Corp. Ltd. owns India’s first land-based integrated resort and casino outside of Goa, which debuted in Daman in 2017. Up to 1,500 slot machines are available in the new casino’s 60,000 square feet of gambling space. With a five-star rating and one of Gujarat’s largest ballrooms, the two-story hotel was inaugurated in 2014, before the addition of the casino. 

Four event halls, two restaurants, a pool bar, a lounge, a 24-hour business center, an indoor game area, and a spa with seven treatment rooms are included in the hotel’s 176 rooms and suites. And if that is not enough, players can get refreshing cocktails at the Whiskys lounge bar at the hotel, where they can enjoy a variety of Asian cuisines. If there is anything Indians love the most, it’s a great buffet to go with their casino games.

Casino Palms, Calangute-Baga Road

Casino Palms is located in the most serene of Goa’s casino hotels, La Calypso Hotel. This resort is probably the best choice for anyone looking to spend time with their family while still enjoying the thrill of live casino gambling.

All customers at La Pub and La Slash are served alcohol. The hotel’s spa offers Ayurvedic massages and treatments, as well as a pool. Guests can relax at the beachfront La Shack or participate in the hotel’s many beach activities. 


Now that the pandemic restrictions are lifted, people are going back to enjoying their social lives with a hint of social distancing protocols. All these casinos have gone above and beyond to ensure their visitors feel safe and comfortable in their casinos.

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