8 Bollywood Celebs and their incredible weight loss transformations, read details

8 Bollywood Celebs and their incredible weight loss transformations, read details

Being under the limelight and constant scrutiny of critics is not an easy job. Looking good and fit is a part of the lives of Bollywood celebrities. Some celebrities have undergone amazing weight transformations and gone from unhealthy and obese to healthy and fit.

This can be a source of inspiration for fans who look up to these celebrities and push them to be a better and healthier version of themselves. Taking care of one’s body and mind is equally as important and these celebrities have proved just that: 

1. Sara Ali Khan: 

Sara made her debut in the Bollywood industry with ‘Kedarnath’ and when her pictures from the past surfaced it was quite a shock to everyone. It is easy to say that Sara is one of the fittest actors that we see on screen today. However, it was not always the case.

The pictures that surfaced on the internet showed how overweight she was before making her debut. Sara is among the many girls who suffer from PCOS and also stated in interviews that her weight gain was mostly a result of her medical condition. She was reportedly 98kgs before her transformation. 

2. Bhumi Pednekar: 

Bhumi reportedly had to gain 30kgs for her film, ‘Dum laga ke haisha’, and also manages to lose all of it in just four months. She is often seen speaking openly about her weight loss journey and urges people to have a positive mindset towards weight loss and staying fit.

According to her, she owes her weight loss to her mom who helped her come up with a diet plan which she stuck to religiously. She further added that she did not restrict herself from eating anything she wanted but rather focused her energy on portion control. The only thing she completely cut out was her sugar intake. Her weight loss transformation was a journey of a proper diet plan and physical exercise. 

3. Alia Bhatt: 

Before making her way to being one of the most successful actors of her generation, Alia was asked to lose 20kgs before her debut film, ‘Student of the Year’. Alia is regularly seen posting and interacting with her fans through her social media and her fans can catch a glimpse of her life through her YouTube channel.

She is seen sharing her diet plan and workout routines throughout the day, which mostly consists of all organic and healthy food. Her diet plan consists of eight meals which help her control her portion sizes and also help her digest better. 

4. Zareen Khan: 

From 100kgs to 57kgs Zareen Khan gives us major body goals. Zareen was often body-shamed in the Bollywood industry after her movie, ‘Veer’ alongside Salman Khan however, she condemns body shaming and has spoken against it on many occasions. She is regularly seen posting her fitness journey and her workout routines on her social media

platforms to keep her audience motivated. She has previously stated in an interview that she does not believe in dieting and does not restrict herself from eating anything. Her diet plan consists of high protein diets which include vegetables and juices. 

5. Ganesh Acharya: 

The National Award winner for Best Choreography reportedly used to weigh about 200kgs before his journey of weight loss. He stated that his weight was starting to affect his dance routines and now that he has lost weight he can feel a difference between then and now. In 1.5 years Ganesh has managed to shed 98kgs. He is frequently seen sharing snippets of his workout routines on Instagram. 

6. Parineeti Chopra: 

Parineeti used to weigh about 86kgs before her Bollywood debut and is often seen speaking about her unhealthy lifestyle before losing weight. Her weight loss journey was a culmination of her wanting to get healthier and to look and feel better.

She realized that to make it in the industry it was imperative to not just excel in acting but also look good and fit on screen. And thus began her weight loss journey. She said that she does not believe in depriving herself of anything but makes it a point to mostly eat healthily and create a perfect balance. 

7. Sonakshi Sinha: 

Sonakshi has always been a confident woman regardless of how much she weighed, however, she often stressed the importance of feeling good on the inside as well as the outside. She stated that fitness cannot be a whim and that it has to be a mindset. Before making her Bollywood debut she lost 30kgs. Her workout routine included Pilates, swimming, yoga, and weight training. 

8. Arjun Kapoor: 

Arjun has always spoken about his struggle with staying in shape and battling obesity. Before he made his acting debut in, ‘Ishaqzaade’ he used to weigh 140kgs and had to lose 50kgs before working on the movie. He says that he is a constant work in progress and tries his best to wake up on the healthier side of the bed every morning.

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