School girl tags Kapil Sharma and asked “will u be my valentine..?” this is how the comedian replied

School girl tags Kapil Sharma and asked "will u be my valentine..?" this is how the comedian replied

Kapil Sharma is perhaps the first person that comes to mind when we think of humour. Numerous people believe that, despite the fact that many stand-up comedians have achieved fame, Kapil Sharma is on a different level.

All of Kapil Sharma’s achievements were only possible because of his devotion and hard work. He made his first appearance on television in 2007 on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge but was quickly eliminated. He returned to the show later with a wild card entry and won the competition.

He is also a fantastic vocalist, and Lata Mangeshkar commended him when he appeared on the show Star Ya Rockstar in 2011. Later, he turned his god-given comedic abilities into a business, launching his own show, Comedy Nights with Kapil, in 2013.

The Kapil Sharma show is a comedy show hosted by famous Indian comedian Kapil Sharma. The show has surpassed all other shows in the same genre in India. Kapil Sharma is a famous comedian actor who gives everyone a reason to smile in this busy world.

The comedian-actor Kapil Sharma has worked really hard to reach the stardom that he enjoys now. The show has grabbed the top position in TRP ratings and has become the most-watched channel across the country.

Kapil charges a hefty amount for his weekend episodes of the hugely popular celebrity chat show The Kapil Sharma Show. While Bollywood and other entertainment personalities grace his show every week, Kapil’s towering personality and fame surpass everything and his fees for the show is proof of the same.

The Kapil Sharma Show airs two episodes per week, on Saturday and Sunday, which makes his per-episode fees something close to Rs 50 lakh

School girl tagged Kapil Sharma and asked “will u be my valentine..?”

A schoolgirl took to Twitter and then tagged Kapil Sharma and she asked “will you be my valentine?” Kapil Sharma who came across the tweet decided to advise the schoolgirl.

Kapil Sharma did not waste time as he advised the girl to go to sleep as she must be having school the following day.

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