Avoid these design faux pas while decorating your house

Avoid these design faux pas while decorating your house
Avoid these design faux pas while decorating your house

Every year the interior industry gets newer trends and the past trends get buried, till they make a comeback. There are many examples that show that design often gets recycled after a decade and makes a comeback. However, there are a few designs that get rejected with time due to overuse or commonality of the trend. These trends are now frowned upon and should be avoided while decorating the house. If you are looking to redecorate one of the major changes you will make is the wall paint. To get to know your expenses, you can use the painting estimate calculator and make a quick decision!

Here are a few trends you may want to avoid.

  1. Tiled countertops – Often seen in the 70s and 80s, the concept of tiled countertops for the bathroom basin was the rage. You can leave this in the past and stick to surfaces that are easy to maintain and clean.
  2. Wooden panels on the walls – It was the perfect way to cover up faults and make a room look cozy. However, these reduce the size of the room and can make you feel like the walls are closing in on you. There are many options available for decorating walls including modern texture paint designs. These can look good on any wall and give the natural light a boost making the room seem more spacious.
  3. Damask – It is time to dump the damask! Damask was a self-patterned tablecloth and slowly that pattern made its way into wallpapers, curtains, and all of the upholstered furniture. It’s time to drop this trend and start looking at better ways to decorate your walls. The walls of your bedroom can be covered in soothing colours instead of popping patterns. The bedroom wall painting should be decided according to the size, placement, lighting in the room.
  4. Shaggy rugs – This was one of the most popular trends and is still incorporated in most houses one way or another. These rugs are not practically don’t add much class to your home. Instead of these, you could look at carpets (handwoven, tufted, etc) to add a regal element.
  5. Valances – Valances were used to essentially hide the curtain rods. These are rarely used and should be definitely left in the past. There is an option to buy ornate curtain rods and flaunt beautiful curtain knobs. The valances give a 50s parlor feel and look boxy making the windows look small and less open.
  6. Blinds – Blinds are functional for offices and look great in an office building. However, blinds don’t say classy or casual when put up in a home. Especially the vertical blinds can look rather dull and aesthetically unappealing.
  7. Ruffled bed skirts – Bed skirts are used to make the foundation of the bed more appealing and hide the colour and shade. However, nowadays the colour of the foundation is appealing and you need not use it to hide the foundation. However, should you wish to add a layer of protection, you can get fitted covers and skip the ruffled bed skirts.
  8. Fake flowers – There is a difference between fake flowers and dried artistic flowers. If you are trying to pass plastic flowers for real, you may want to skip that. Or if you must, invest in a really good bouquet to get the best quality.

Although you may be tempted sometimes, you should avoid these and look at current trends to keep your house stylish and glamourous.