List Of High-Risk Indian Govt Jobs That You Must Know, Deets Inside

Government occupations are regarded as the most rewarding employment possibilities for young people in India. No matter how high the pay scale in a private firm is, one always want to work for the government.

Another widely held belief is that government employees are required to work for fewer hours than they are compensated for. It may be true in some cases, however, there are some government positions that put people’s lives at risk.

Here is a list of high-risk government occupations that are not for the faint of heart.

1. The RAW Agent

List Of High-Risk Indian Govt Jobs That You Must Know, Deets Inside

There have been numerous Bollywood films based on the lives of RAW agents. While watching them, we wonder if these spies are willing to risk their lives for a bit of information. In reality, their professional existence is always fraught with danger, including the possibility of being assassinated by rivals in a competing country.

2. DRDO Researcher

List Of High-Risk Indian Govt Jobs That You Must Know, Deets Inside

People that are deeply committed to research are typically found in DRDO. Unlike software programmers, they do not have a monotonous desk job where the only danger is being fired. The majority of them work unusual and long hours to contribute to the country’s military technologies. The danger is not physical, but the strain to produce something important for our country’s defence is tremendous.

3. ISRO Scientist

Being an ISRO scientist appears to be a dream career for many science students. But getting there is only the beginning of the difficult part. To be useful to the country’s space research agency, an ISRO scientist must immerse oneself in extensive research. That is why becoming one requires a rigorous screening process.

4. The Armed Forces

The Indian Armed Forces, comprising police forces, CRPF, CISF, NSG Commandos, and so on, are the very definition of RISKS. The hazards include, among other things, losing their life, being kept captive, suffering permanent handicap, and so on.

Because of the risky nature of this work, it necessitates a time-consuming screening process that assesses an individual’s IQ as well as physical strength. Your journey of hard work and toil just begins after you get in.

5. Forest Ranger

List Of High-Risk Indian Govt Jobs That You Must Know, Deets Inside

This position demands a person to protect the country’s flora and animals. Doesn’t it seem simple? But don’t forget about the poachers, hunters, and profiteers who will go to any length to poach and hunt animals. To preserve the animals, these forest guards must deal with armed hunters and, in some cases, an entire mafia. These offenders frequently kill them in the line of duty.

6. Officer of the Intelligence Bureau

It is a crucial government position that necessitates secrecy and a broad list of hazards. An Intelligence Bureau Officer must remain alert 24 hours a day, create strategies to keep the country safe, and even foil adversaries’ plots to harm the country. They are constantly exposed to dangers such as being kept captive, being killed, or being fired.

7. Archaeologist 

Doesn’t that sound like an intriguing job? Just looking over the archives to see what our history looked like. To get hired by ASI, one must pass the UPSC examination. The work entails protecting heritage monuments and historical sites from deterioration and destruction.