World’s most unusual ancient wedding rituals that you didn’t know, read details

Weddings are of utmost fun with the commotion, laughter and love from close ones. Every country has specific wedding traditions but some of them have turned out to be spooky and extreme. Have a look.

Bride shoots the groom

This culture is quite popular in the Yugur culture of China, brides are asked to shoot the grooms three times with headless arrows. Later the groom breaks the arrows and proclaims that they would love each other forever.

Kiss the bride!

This is a Swedish tradition where the guests are made kiss the newlywed couple. These guys are either too young or unmarried. The men kiss the bride and the women kiss the groom.

Throw trash at the bride

The tradition is mainly followed in Scotland and will completely gross you out! Rotten fish, spoilt milk, smelly curd, grease, etc are thrown at the bride and she must drink it till the night falls while tied to a tree. It is believed that if she makes it through the night, she will have a successful marriage.

Head-shaved bride

List of weird wedding rituals from all across the globe that will stun you!

The Masai tribe in Kenya allows the bride’s head to be shaved and then small animals like pigs are put on her body. Her father spits on her head and breasts afterwards. The Masai tribe believes that it will bring good luck to the bride.

Beating the groom

World's most unusual ancient wedding rituals that didn't know, read details

In South Korea, the groom’s feet are tied to a pole and is beaten by his friends as a part of the ceremony. It is completely a fun ritual and nobody is harmed. The groom is also tested about his knowledge about marriage life.

Married to a tree

In India, it is believed that Manglik people bring bad luck to their partners and are first married to a tree or statue to ward off the ‘curse’ in their lives. Then only they are allowed to get married to their partners.

Carry her to the house

In Medieval Europe, it was believed that a bride’s feet can sweep bad luck in her new family. That is why grooms were asked to carry their brides inside.

Marry an animal

List of weird wedding rituals from all across the globe that will stun you!

Indian culture only gets even more bizarre when girls with a certain facial feature are made to marry a goat or a dog first. This is believed to ward off the evil inside the woman’s body.


This ritual demonstrates hooliganism over a woman’s consent and is common in the conservative parts of the world. The girl is kidnapped by goon led people. After that, she is released only when she says yes in a forceful marriage.

Bride paid to dance

The Polish ritual is great fun among the guests and is even majorly accepted worldwide. The male guest at a wedding pays the bride to dance with him.