Delhi Girl not able to ride New Scooty because of the word ‘SEX’ on Number Plate, People Mock and Bully Her

A Delhi girl who recently purchased a new scooty was on the receiving end of trolls and abuses after she received a weird registration number for her scooter. In fact, she was left embarrassed after she received an unusual name on the number plate of her two-wheeler.

Yes, you read it right. The Delhi Regional Transport Office (RTO) had assigned ‘DL 3 SEX ****’ registration number to the scooty, leaving the girl ashamed. It’s been 3 weeks since she got the registration plate. However, she hasn’t taken the scooty out even once, since the number has the word S-E-X in it.

As per DailyO, Delhi girl, who is a fashion designing student used to travel from Jankapuri to Noida by means of Metro. However, in order to avoid travelling the long distance in crowded Metros, she had asked her father to buy her a scooter.

Delhi Girl not able to ride New Scooty because of the word 'SEX' on Number Plate, People Mock and Bully Her

She finally got Scooty as a gift on Diwali. As soon as she received the identification number for Scooty, the family noticed the letters ‘SEX’ on the number plate.

“The aunties of my neighbourhood are calling me besharam (shameless). Everyone around me is bullying me,” she told DailyO.

After facing all the insults, the girl’s father requested the two-wheeler seller to change the number, but the seller ignored his request saying that a lot of people received similar numbers.

“A large number of cars and scooters have received such a number, and your daughter is not the queen of the world that she will get a new one,” the dealer told the girl’s father.

It seems that there is no end to her problems as there is no provision to change the allotted number. “Once the vehicle number is allotted, there is no provision to change it as of now, as the whole process runs on one set pattern,” Commissioner of Delhi Transport KK Dahiya told Aaj Ta.

For the unversed, two-wheelers are denoted by the letter ‘S’ in the national capital. As of now, the two letters in circulation are ‘E’ and ‘X’ for the registration of 2 wheelers. So, the number plate of a new scooter will automatically have ‘SEX’ on it.