‘Rs 5 me aur kya chaiye?’ – Man shares pics of chips packet, check out the Twitter reactions

Lay’s is the all-time favourite snack and it is loved by all of us. It is popular all over the world due to its unique taste. One of Lay’s packets is yellow in colour and that is a “salted” flavour. There is no hiding from the fact that ‘yellow colour’ attracts customers.

We have seen this colour in popular brands across the world. The yellow colour is most used by companies to be a part of their logo because many companies think that yellow is a bright colour as it would attract our eyeballs. This is the trade secret.

When yellow is combined with any other colour, it always looks dazzling just like the Lay’s packet. Meanwhile, one of the customers wasn’t really happy with the quantity. We all know Lay’s is a quality chips packet.

However, it is a massive disappointment that they are not giving chips in good quantity. Meanwhile, one of the customers wasn’t happy after opening the packet. He came to know that there were only six pieces.

'Rs 5 me aur kya chaiye?' - Man shares pics of chips packet, check out the Twitter reactions

What really shocked the customer was that it was mentioned that the lay’s packet contains 40% more chips. He was disappointed upon seeing that there were barely any chips.

Meanwhile, netizens couldn’t keep calm and they chipped in with interesting reactions to the post. “Wonder how many chips would be there if it was a regular pack and not the 40% more??.” Another one wrote. “Kaun bola Lays khareedne ko….go to your local chips store. They are much better.”