“Big Boobs are available in Jannat for you,” Maulvi invites youths to Islam

Islamic preachers have been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. They have been criticised for spreading hatred in society. Time and again, they have come up with some statements that have stirred controversy.

Preachers were openly asking Muslims, not to wish non-muslims on their festivals, calling it ‘Haraam’ (illegitimate) to do so. Not just this, he also asks them not to eat the special dishes, prepared on these occasions by the non-muslims in their homes.

Meanwhile, Maulana EP Abubakar Qasmi sparked a massive controversy in Kerala after his recent statement went viral on social media. There is no hiding from the fact that Islamic preachers are trying their best to convert youths to Islam. The recent statement by Maulana about the advantages of being a Muslim stirred controversy online.

"Big Boobs are available in Jannat for you," Maulvi invites youths to Islam

In his speech, Maulana from Kerala had revealed what Muslims get in ‘Jannat’ or paradise. As per EP Abubakar Qasmi, who gave Islamic speeches in Malayalam, ‘women with big breasts’ are only found in paradise. Meanwhile, protests followed after the offensive language used by Maulana Qasmi on women.

Maulana Qasmi further said rivers of wine flow in paradise along with gardens and big bungalows. He also added that the women who were in Allah’s paradise neither urinate nor defecate. He further claimed that Muslims going to Paradise get the privilege of sitting in the lap of the ‘Hoors’ there.

As per the ‘Organiser‘, the Maulana said, “If a Muslim going to Paradise needs women with big breasts, then Allah gives them the ‘hoor’ of their choice. In Paradise, Allah has made a river of wine, and those who live there have full permission to swim. There is no restriction on drinking wine, because it is Allah who has created the river of wine.” However, in general, alcohol is considered haram in Islam and consuming it is prohibited.