Shashi Tharoor reacts to Idly on an icecream stick dipped in Sambar and Chutney

Shashi Tharoor is a recognised Indian politician, writer and a former career international diplomat who is currently working as a Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, since 2009.

It is worth mentioning here that he was formerly Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and had also contested for the post of Secretary-General in the year 2006.

2 years ago, an Indian politician received the Sahitya Academy Award for his book ‘An Era of Darkness’ in a non-fiction category in English.

Talking about his achievements, while he was pursuing his doctorate, he was awarded the Robert B. Stewart Prize for best student. Quite interestingly, he was also the first editor of the Fletcher Forum of International Affairs.

When he was only 22 years old, he was the youngest to receive a doctorate in the history of the Fletcher School. This goes to show how good Shashi Tharoor was in his early days.

Even today, many are interested to know about the secret behind his rich and powerful vocabulary.

He is known for his knack for using advanced words in his interaction over social media. Sometimes, he uses words like ‘farrago’, ‘rodomontade’, ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ and other words which made netizens refer to a dictionary.

Case in point, recently, creative food combinations went viral on social media. There were also the worst food combinations that went viral on the internet. Meanwhile, a random chef in South India came up with a creative concept of serving Idly on an ice cream stick with the sole purpose of saving water.

While the concept received positive responses, it also received equally negative responses. Although we might save water, we may have to cut down trees to extract wooden sticks, which is not acceptable at all.

However, Shashi Tharoor feels this idea is absurd but practical. He took to his Twitter handle to react to this creative concept. “absurd but practical”.