The Most Fashionable Casino Resorts in The World


When we talk about casinos and gambling, the famous city that never sleeps – Las Vegas comes to mind. Las Vegas city is home to thousands of casinos and hotels to suit any taste. It is also interesting to find out that other places also have beautiful and luxurious casinos you can only imagine.

Although online casinos are taking the lead in numbers, land-based casinos are not left out. While gamers visit the best Paytm casinos to have fun and make some money, high rollers still storm land-based casinos to enjoy the real deal. These are the sites that are connected to the finest resorts you’d like to visit.

Gambling is an extravagant game; no wonder players love to play in an environment that delivers elegance and entertainment. If you are wondering about the exquisite casino resorts around the world, you are in luck. In this blog post, you will find out about the five most fashionable casinos resorts in the world.

The Most Fashionable Casino Resorts in The World
The Most Fashionable Casino Resorts in The World

1.   Bellagio – Las Vegas, Nevada

It is only suitable to start with the very own of the world’s gaming capital, Las Vegas. Bellagio is one of the most popular places in Las Vegas, and it offers the ultimate five-star luxury Las Vegas experience. Bellagio is famous for its elegance and its 8-acre water fountains. The mesmerizing water fountains put on highly choreographed performances synchronized to music each day.

Gambling at the Bellagio is entertaining for professional players, thanks to the high limits at the tables. The poker room is commonly called “The Office”. The casino resort has also been brought to the Hollywood spotlight in films like “The Hangover” and “Ocean’s 11“. The resort offers access to over 2,000 slots machines that pay millions of cash in prizes. It is also the place for luxury fashion boutiques where you can find unique clothing items and accessories.

2.   The Venetian Casino – Macau, China

Venetian Macau is currently the second world’s biggest casino resort and the 7th largest structure in the world by floor area. Since its opening in 2007, it has attracted millions of gamblers and tourists from all over the world. With a floor space of nearly 10.5 million square feet, it offers recreational activities like swimming pools, cinema rooms, restaurants and retail outlets.

With the cost of building up to $2.4billion, the resort offers over 3,400 slot machines and 800 table games. It also offers some unique games that are not found anywhere else. The resort features luxury suites and lavish fine dining options.

3.   Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

This casino resort is the current most expensive casino globally, with an estimated value of $6.88 billion. The impressively designed structure comprises three towers connected at the top. The 57th floor is the world’s largest infinity pool – Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. The 500-foot infinity swimming pool gives a 360-degree view of Singapore.

The Marina Bay Sands boasts 1,600 slot machines, 500 gambling tables and high-level entertainment options; bars, restaurants and shopping spaces. The Las Vegas Sands Corporation owns the fantastic structure. In its first year of opening in 2011, more than 11 million people visited the resort.

4.   The Sun City Casino Resort – South Africa

This extravagant casino resort is home to premium gambling joints and leading restaurants in South Africa. With a site located in the bush of North West province in South Africa, the resort offers more than 850 slot machines and almost 40 gaming tables.

The casino is indeed very glamourous and well laid out. Some of the other recreational activities offered by the resort include a safari in the private game reserve of the resort, vacation clubs, restaurants, golf courses, a cinema, nightclub and botanical gardens. It is indeed a city on its own.

5.   Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monaco

The Casino de Monte-Carlo has an extravagantly unique design that looks like a royal building. The casino is over 150 years, standing the test of time. It has a luxurious interior décor; it is the ideal destination for high rolling gamblers.

The casino resort offers hundreds of gambling tables and slot machines and hosts some of the largest fashion shows in the world. It has had its fair share of Hollywood spotlight by featuring scenes in “The Gentleman” films. The Casino de Monte-Carlo also has a terrace with a breathtaking view of the city.

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