When MS Excel faced the wrath of internet after Users mistook it for Surf Excel

When Hindustan Unilever was banned for its Kumbh Mela advertisement, social media has directed its rage on the detergent brand Surf Excel. The ad and its resultant hashtag #BoycottSurfExcel have been trending on social media over the weekend.

The ad in question is the detergent brand’s Holi campaign that shows the bond between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy.

The company has started facing flak on social media right after the ad was put on Twitter. Some came in support while a great many users got furious. They raised questions on the selection of genders of the child characters in the ad. The online gave full support to the detergent company if they make the ad showing a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl playing Holi.

They further requested the company to spread love in communities by inspiring the Muslims to play Holi with them. Online protestors started displaying their anger where ever they got a chance. They uninstalled Surf Excel mobile app got negative reviews. Amid all, some users mistook Microsoft Excel for ‘Surf Excel’, and gave the worst review possible.