Three Indian Games Making a Splash Online, Check out the list

Compared to other companies around the world, India is not a big player when it comes to creating games in any sector. Although Asia has a strong connection to casino gaming, these games don’t usually come from India, they normally come from China.

However, that may be about to change in the near future, with Indian games coming to the fore and becoming popular. As the casino options for Indian players rise, so does the quality of these games. We don’t appear to be too far away from a situation where the rest of the world can access these games, which could take them to a whole new audience.

Here are three Indian games that are currently making a splash online.

Three Indian Games Making a Splash Online
Three Indian Games Making a Splash Online

Teen Patti

A traditional Indian card game that has huge appeal. One of the biggest problems this game has had over the years has been the fact that people have to get together to play, so this doesn’t happen too often. Worse than that, for those who want to get involved, but have no one to play with, things are very hard.

That is no longer the case now. Players can play Teen Patti cash games with online casinos whenever they like, so if you want to play more, or play for the first time, this is how you can get involved.

Of the three games here, if there is one that will go around the world then Teen Patti could be that game. It is closely linked to poker, and you only have to look at events such as the World Poker Tour to see how popular this has become. Teen Patti could be next.

Andar Bahar

Another game that could use the internet to make a name for itself is Andar Bahar. This is another card game, and one that is very simple to play, just two minutes and you will instantly know the rules of the game and how you take part.

With simplified gaming making a real push, this could really work in the favour of Andar Bahar. Many online casino players want to relax while gaming, so they don’t want anything too complicated and Andar Bahar certainly ticks this box.

This game may appeal to those who are looking to move over to casino gaming from another type of gambling. For example, those usually keeping up to date with sports news may see this as the ideal simple game to get experience as a casino gamer.

Hindi Roulette

The final game to mention is Hindi roulette. This is a game that is part of a trend where we are seeing slightly different versions of popular games such as roulette. This game uses standard European roulette rules and is found in the live section of a casino.

With Hindi speaking dealers in place on these tables, this is all about offering a hugely popular game in an environment that people are more comfortable with, which should help to attract new players.

(Note: In case of any doubt, TheYouth does not provoke or motivate any of its readers to play the game. It is only an informative article based on information collected from online sources. You can play the game only if it is legally allowed in your country/state. It must be noted such games involve both monetary losses and gains. Either you win or lose, TheYouth shall not be responsible under any circumstances.)