Sushant Singh’s fan asks people to unfollow star kids, Irrfan Khan’s son reacts

The so-called star kids of already established ones are already in the headlines for all the reasons and are allowed to stay in the film industry there despite their success or failure. On the contrary, talented ones are struggling to set their feet. To make things worse, the Bollywood industry even leaves people when they go through bad times. For instance, Sushant Singh’s death by suicide.

There were reports according to which the Bollywood star was banned by some big production houses including producers such as Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Salman Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, etc. Some video clips of old videos are also going viral on social media platforms in which A-listers or the star kids are seen making fun of Sushant during a talk show or at other events.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s unexpected death by suicide took the entire nation by shock. Though the reason behind his death is still unclear, the whole nation has been indicting nepotism for the death of this extremely talented actor. The final postmortem and viscera reports confirmed that Sushant Singh passed away due to asphyxia by hanging and police say Sushant Singh died by suicide at his Bandra apartment in Mumbai.

But the actor’s ardent fans are still speculating something fishy about his death. Nobody seems to have moved on. The majority of the people think that Sushant didn’t commit suicide as they believe that it is a pre-planned murder.

Now, the fans are urging netizens to unfollow Karan Johar, star kids, and the nepotism gang on social media as part of the boycott nepotism protest.

One of the fans went on comment on Irrfan Khan’s son, Babil’s Instagram post. The user had asked Babil to unfollow star kids and ‘raise a voice against nepotism in the ‘Bollywood industry.’ Babil who came across this message went on to reply with a message.

Babil went on to say, “Bhai toh meri yeh hi ummeed rahegi ki mein aplni mehnat aur performance se aapka dil itna khush kar doon ki aapko yeh lage hi na ki mere journey mein koi unfairness hui hai.”

He added, “brother, do you understand the pressures and expectations of being the son of someone who changed the concept of acting in Indian cinema? I understand your frustration against nepotism, but there are two sides to every coin.”

After coming to know the news about Sushant’s suicide, Babil shared a throwback pic of the actor and wrote, “WTF is happening? I can’t find the words :’,(/. Man, if you feel clear signs, don’t go searching for a reason, please go to the doctor instead.”

Fan of Sushant asks people to unfollow star kids, Irrfan Khan's son reacts

In another post, Babil was asked whether he plans to make his debut in Bollywood to which he said, “Hopefully I will go where my wishes take me. Actor, musician, director, producer and something to do with physics. There are my aspirations.”