Dark secrets of Indian Reality TV Shows that were never revealed to common people

Dark secrets of Indian Reality TV Shows that were never revealed to common people

Reality programmes in India are well-known and dramatic. Every contender, including the judges, is ready to cry at any moment. Around the year 2000, all of the reality shows began. The creators created a variety of reality shows, which we shall discuss today.

Continue reading to learn more dark secrets about your favourite reality TV shows:

Kaun Banega Crorepati 

Amitabh Bachchan hosted Kaun Banega Crorepati, a game show in which contestants had to answer questions and get rewards. The show’s authors concoct storylines to make money. Furthermore, after winning Rs. 1 crore in KBC, the total money they take home after tax and other costs is roughly 70 lakhs.

Bigg Boss

There is nothing real about Bigg Boss; it is a staged reality programme. The sole reason for the drama, romance, conflicts, and other events is the TRP. In addition, regardless of their popularity, if a contender is unable to bring TRP, he or she is ousted. The contestants complete their tasks independently, although they are not permitted to consume alcohol during the show.

India’s Got Talent and Indian Idol

The winners of these shows are predetermined, and practically everything is staged. Furthermore, Neha Kakkar’s tears are also artificial; these reality shows are devoid of realism.

MTV Splitsvilla

This show is also scripted, with all of the events and battles being staged. The victors of this Sunny Leone-hosted reality show are pre-determined, just like the winners of other reality series.

Dance India Dance

Sanya Malhotra, a Bollywood actress, mysteriously revealed on the Son of Abish comedy talk show that she was ousted from a major dance reality programme (allegedly Dance India Dance) because she didn’t have a sob story.

According to her, the show mainly backed individuals who lied about their family history or had a strained relationship with their parents. Sanya didn’t have any, so she had to leave empty-handed.

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