Behind the Scenes: Shocking confessions made by IPL cheerleaders

The Indian Premier League is the most prestigious T20 tournament in the world. Its popularity grows exponentially with each passing year. Anything here is of the highest calibre, from world-class players to esteemed analysts. And the IPL cheerleaders who charm the crowd with their energetic performances deserve to be recognised.

Their collective efforts have played a significant part in the tournament’s progress. Nonetheless, the league has never been short on controversy. Match-fixing scandals, player altercations, and molestation lawsuits have regularly exposed the tournament’s dark side.

Disturbing confessions made by IPL Cheerleaders that will shock you

Some surprising cheerleader revelations have harmed the league’s credibility. Those have never been addressed in detail, which is why most people are unaware of them.

Here is a list of the top 5 hidden secrets revealed by IPL cheerleaders.


The organisers do not want any black people on a cheerleading team and continue to differentiate people based on the colour of their skin. According to a source, some cheerleaders have even reported that the organisers do not want Indian girls to wear slim outfits, which is a form of racism. Many talented performers are denied chances to exhibit their work as a result of discrimination.

Bollywood gigs

IPL cheerleaders’ dance is well enjoyed by the audience, some might even fail to watch the cricketing action while watching them. The majority of cheerleaders entered the IPL by agencies. These organisations also provide dance troupes to Bollywood.

A cheerleader revealed that the majority of the girls in her troupe are familiar with Bollywood gigs. She also said that her Bollywood appearances assisted her in practicing a few authentic Indian dance steps.


When the IPL first began, it appeared to be a fun-filled tournament for both the crowd and the cricketers. Particularly for players who are constantly under pressure to perform at their best.

As a result, the officials agreed to hold after-parties where the players could unwind and socialise after their strenuous on-field events. It helped the cricketers stay fresh for a long tournament, as predicted, but it also had drawbacks.

The majority of the players began to consume alcohol, which went all downhill afterwards. Gabriella Pasqualotto, a cheerleader, once announced that some Australian and South African players acted improperly after getting drunk.

Payment issues

There is a widespread misconception that cheerleaders are compensated handsomely for their efforts. The reality is they get paid very little for what they do. The pay also varies with the franchise and some teams spend less than others.

Two Ukrainian cheerleaders who worked for the Rajasthan franchise confirmed a few years ago that their salaries were not always made on time. They also expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of food and other required items during their journey.

Furthermore, they are often assigned to one-star hotels with insufficient amenities. Any of the girls have also admitted that their hotels are much too filthy to stay in due to the presence of animal droppings in their rooms.


Women’s security is IPL’s least talked of discussion. In the past, the league has also seen a few cases of female abuse. In multiple times, the IPL cheerleaders have expressed their disapproval. Despite putting on a happy and cheerful expression, they have raised security questions on occasion. However, the authorities have never attempted to collaborate on such a grievous matter.

The majority of the Indian crowd treats them as if they are sex dolls. They yell obscenity-laced words at each other. She went on to say that they often had to wear uncomfortable, poorly made costumes. Once the officers raided their rooms without a warrant. Overall, the organizers have never treated them with dignity.