I only follow Islamic laws, Not your consideration: Suggests this Islamic cleric after anti-women remarks

Gulzar Azmi from Jamiat Ulema e Hind explains its purpose, calls it “Islamic purpose” – girls and boys should opt for separate education to keep themselves away from “obscenity”. Despite the Indian constitution assuring equal laws for both men and women, Gulzar says they only act on the “Islamic Constitution” and in this community, it is their right to practise and preach their religion.

The ultimate purpose of Jamiat Ulema e Hind’s fatwah

Maulana says that separate education will put an end to inter-religious marriages. He is not at all supportive of girls and boys running away from home or living together before marriage at such a tender age. He says Islam does not forbid women from higher education, but these major steps will help them achieve without sexual distraction.

In a society where men and women work side by side, maulana believes that these outdated regulations would open the door to greater “exclusive” education for women.

Backlash from other parties

Maulana’s views have received a lot of backlash from other parties like bjp, Samajwadi party, etc but maulana is determined on his objectives. “Humara Mazhab Pehle,” says Maulana: for him, no other party comes first before his religion. He further argues that he is foremost Hindustani when it comes to his nation, but a Muslim first when it comes to faith.