Bizarre: Woman sells her Farts and earns ₹18.5 lakh, people react to the news

Without any doubt, people get embarrassed when they fart in front of others. However, others find it funny or hilarious as they laugh like hell. Not long ago, a video of a teacher farting over a Zoom call spread like wildfire on social media.

Not just the netizens but also the students who attended the Zoom were in splits. Emma Ginder, 25, from Kansas, shared the amusing video on Facebook on December 9, and it went viral in no time, thanks to the kids’ priceless reactions to the noise.

Case in point, would you believe if a woman made Rs 18.5 lakh just by selling farts? Lush Botanist, who is a self-declared “fart queen of the internet”, explained how she earns thousands of dollars just by selling her farts.

Bizarre: Woman sells her Farts and earns ₹18.5 lakh, netizens react to the news

She further added that she started selling videos of herself farting after a random online user asked her to fart on camera. Interestingly, the video became viral and ended up as one of her most popular videos.

The self-declared “fart queen of the internet”, while speaking to Channel 4, “I have been doing this business for three years. I kept getting requests over and over…I thought ‘you know what, people will pay me for this and I’m going to do it.”

Lush also added that her diet has been adjusted that she gets the best quality farts. She also added that the parmesan makes her farts really “sulphury” while mozzarella gives her “those big bubbly farts”.

Lush is lactose intolerant, meaning that her stomach has mini meltdowns when she eats dairy-related products. The self-declared fart queen of the internet can charge up to $175 per fart. The most money she earned in a single day was close to $4,000.

So far made more than $25,000 (Rs 18.5 lakh). In order to make her fart get the best sound clarity, she literally farts right in front of a microphone. She took her farting to the next level by blowing it in hard and sending them out to her customers.

Here’s how the internet users reacted to this:

1. One user said, “Ewww I can feel or smell it through the screen lol omg.”

2. Another user commented, “Who needs ‘onlyfans’ when u can have ‘onlyfarts’?”