Indian Celebs Who Got Married Just For Publicity Stunt, here’s the full list

Indian Celebs Who Got Married Just For Publicity Stunt, here's the full list

Marriage is one of the most auspicious and meaningful relationships between two individuals in Indian culture. Every decision is based on a thorough examination of how to bond oneself into a successful marriage.

The narrative is similar in our own Indian television industry, where superstars want to keep their personal lives private or, to put it another way, controversy-free.

Many other celebrities, on the other hand, have gone the other way, making their ‘scripted’ marriage a great dramatical affair for the benefit of mass attention and publicity. The following is a list of them.

Anoop Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

In a recent event, images of the nuptials of the ‘Bhajan Samrat’ Anoop Jalota and Jasleen Matharu became popular on the internet. It sparked a lot of debate and interest among the Indian public. However, Anoop then stated in front of the media that the photos were from his future film and not from his private life.

Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan

Neha Kakkar, the effervescent famous singer, just married her lover, Rohanpreet Singh. However, Neha’s affair with Aditya Narayan, the son of famed musician Udit Narayan, was widely publicised before their marriage. It created quite a stir for a while until both celebs revealed in front of the press that it was only a publicity trick by the makers of Indian Idol.

Rakhi Sawant and Elesh Parujanwala

Rakhi Sawant, a notorious figure in Indian television, had her ‘swayamvar’ televised as a reality show on NDTV Imagine in 2009. During the show, she chose Elesh Parujanwala, an NRI businessman, as her life partner and got engaged to him. However, following the show, they parted ways and called off their engagement.

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant co-hosted Big Boss Season 4 together. Both fell in love and exchanged wedding vows within the mansion on the show. This entire event, however, was nothing more than a publicity gimmick to boost the show’s TRP. Both broke up after the show ended, and it is thought that they were paid 50 lakhs apiece to carry out the entire scenario, according to sources.

Ratan Rajput and Abhinav Sharma

Ratan Rajput appeared in Season 3 of the reality show Swayamvar, which aired on Imagine TV. She got engaged to Abhinav Sharma, a software engineer from Uttaranchal, on the show. However, after the programme, they have split apart, and Ratan Rajput defended it by claiming that it was merely a publicity ploy staged by the show’s producers.

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