Indians are the most hard-working employees: Global study

Indians are the most hard-working employees: Global study

A global study finds that Indians are the hardworking employees in the world. It has been said that 69 per cent full-time Indian employees work five days a week. The survey was done by Kronos Incorporated, an international workforce management company. It also went on to reveal revelations done in the US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, Australia and the UK.

India was followed by Mexico where 43 per cent of workers were satisfied with their jobs of five-day working schedule. The other countries were the US at 27%, Australia at 19% and France at 17%.

As far as working for more than 40 hours every week is concerned, the US topped the list with a staggering 49 per cent of the participants working hard over time. They were followed by India (44 per cent), Mexico (40 per cent) and Germany (38 per cent).

According to the residents in India, some people work 6 days a week whereas others work 7 days a week without even taking leave on Sundays. They are least bothered to take leave as they are fully focussed on slogging over time in a bid to earn more to help the family.

47% of jobs will vanish in the next 25 years: Oxford University Researchers

Indian youths struggle to get a job and that’s the reality. Even if they are seen working in some companies, their work standards are of poor quality. Millions of students study in different colleges with intentions to get a good job. But the reality is that there are a majority of degree holders when compared to the ones who are doing decent jobs in India.

But this is nothing new as the problem has been there for a long time. Not a long ago, the nation witnessed a growing trend where overqualified candidates have been applying for posts of ‘peons’ and ‘constables’. Recently, 7000 Engineers, Graduates & Diploma Holders applied for sanitary jobs

According to a recent Oxford study, all the developed nations will see job loss rates of up to 47% within the next 25 year. “No government is prepared,” The Economist reports. These also include blue and white-collar jobs too. So far, the loss has been restricted to the blue-collar variety, especially in manufacturing.

A Toyota plant in Japan is almost fully automated today and there are no opportunities. In fact, the unemployment rate will go from bad to worse. By 2034, just a few decades, mid-level jobs will vanish. It is to be noted that the benefits have only gone to the ultra-wealthy which is the top 1%, which will completely wipe out the middle class. The computers will be able to perform tasks more cheaply than humans and in fact, it will be more efficient too.

Accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, bureaucrats, and financial analysts’ jobs are not safe as per the study. The computers will analyze and compare reams of data to make financial decisions or medical ones, meaning that it will replace the humans’ jobs. There will also be less of a chance of fraud and the process will be more efficient.

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