List of 9 most hilarious TV ads you ever saw in your life; here’s a quick recap

The largest film industry in India, Bollywood is a tough place to survive and it takes a lot of hard work, determination, hardship, and strength of character to make it. The ones who fail to make it to Bollywood, end up acting in TV serials.

At times, some popular faces act in advertisements. It is no doubt that people earn a handsome amount of money through TV ads. There are plenty of actors who have grown in popularity by acting in advertisements.

Many brands today learnt the tricks and trade of how to use humour to their benefit in their advertisements. In this listicle, we will take a look at the hilarious Indian advertisements.

Center fruit

Center fruit came up with an interesting concept and was loved by people from across the country. This is by far the funniest advertisement that has gone viral on YouTube with more than 2.3 million views. The concept is simple, natural with excellent performance.

Fevikwik Gel TVC

Ahead of the Rio Olympics, Pidilite used the sport hockey in an extremely hilarious way to spread their message across the world. The video went viral all over the world.

Here’s another video of Fevikwik ad that went viral.

Center Shock

Center Shock is one of the best chewing gums. It was liked and eaten by countless people from every nook and corner of the country. It wouldn’t have been possible without the unique and funny advertisement.

The advertisement went viral all over India. It was no doubt that Center Shock took over TV advertisement sometime back with this rib-ticking advertisement set in a salon.

5 Star

5 Star is one of the tastiest and delicious chocolates in India. It is easily affordable as it costs Rs.5 only. But when we hear 5 star, it reminds us of two interesting fictional characters namely Ramesh and Suresh.

Both of them did really well in ad to grab the attention of the views. Interestingly, the actors’ actual names were also Ramesh and Suresh.

Asian Paints waterproofing ad

The two lead actors in this Asian Paints waterproofing ad tries their best to bring the humour very well. The ad basically uses the concept of how homeowners, as well as agents, give baseless guarantees. However, in this case, the owners promise holds true.

Makemytrip ad

Makemytrip ad indeed brings an instant on our faces even today. The ad featuring the likes of Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh came together to perform a series of Make My Trip ads. The duo made us laugh and netizens could not stop appreciating their chemistry.

Seagram’s Imperial Blue TVC

Seagram’s Imperial Blue TVC is one of the popular advertisements in India. The advertisement starts with a two-line verse, “Pyaar ki raah mein chalna seekh, ishq ki chaah mein jalna seekh and ends with a popular phrase “Men will be men”. This ad became quite popular among guys.


Mentos has produced unique and extremely hilarious advertisements over the years. When we hear mentos, it reminds us of their famous tagline which is ‘dimag ki baati jala de’. The ad set in a salon was perhaps the funniest advertisement from mentos.

SBI Life’s Wealth Creation

Even the State Bank of India had to come up with a funny version of the advertisement to draw the attention of the viewers. This ad for SBI Life’s Wealth Creation portrays a man getting himself pampered in a salon and the end result was quite hilarious.