Made in China Condoms are too small, says the health Minister of this country

Some men in Zimbabwe are absolutely furious with the Chinese-made condoms as they are “too small in size”. David Parirenyatwa who is Zimbabwe HEALTH & Child Care minister has challenged local companies to proceed into condom production in a bid to sort out the concerns over the size of condoms imported from China.

The Minister at the launch of the Zimbabwe Private Sector HIV and Aids and Wellness (ZIPSHAW) co-ordinating board said, “We are promoting condoms, both male and female and the youth have now got a particular condom they like, but we do not manufacture them.


He also said adding that the private sector should team up in the fight against HIV and begin manufacturing drugs together with condoms, which are well suitable for the Zimbabwean people.

“If you want to be big business (private sector), please manufacture condoms (because) you import condoms from China, and some people complain they are too small, so you need to be able to have your own condoms,” he said.

The sale of condoms grew up to 5 times in Lockdown in India

All you need is love, love is all you need, sang The Beatles in the 1960s, and that is possibly the mantra for couples young and not so young confined to their homes, away from office, parties and other such distractions, in these anxious coronavirus times.

It has been learnt that the sale of condoms grew up to 5 times during the lockdown. People were stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown, as a result of which, people started buying more condoms. It was reported that Indians purchased two items—condoms and rolling papers the most this year, during the lockdown period.

It was observed that condoms were ordered much more during the day than at night. The purchase of contraceptives saw a three to six times increase in several states.

As soon as the coronavirus cases came to light in India, the government imposed a nationwide lockdown and urged people to stay at home at all times.

Some of us got a bit bored and did not enjoy this period, others passed their time by indulging in fun DIYs or watching their favorite shows, another thing that happened that people in most metropolitan cities were busy spending quality time with their partners.

While condom ordered during the day through the Dunzo app were 3 times more than night on average, Hyderabad saw a 6x surge, Chennai 5x and Jaipur 4x. Mumbai and Bengaluru recorded a 3x surge in day-time condom orders.

Hyderabad topped the list as the survey showed that there was a six-fold increase in demand for condoms, next on the list are Chennai and Jaipur that showed a five and a four-fold spike in demand, respectively.

The demand for rolling papers was also high, people in Bengaluru purchased rolling papers most. While Hyderabad ordered more condoms, Bengaluru, the IT hub of India ordered rolling papers that were twenty-two times more in quantity than those in other states.

Other sexual-wellness products like emergency contraceptive pills were high in demand, especially in cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad. The city of Jaipur saw a spike in the purchase of pregnancy-test kits.