Indian Couple get married, get divorced minutes later over a silly ‘Lunch Fight’

In what turned out to be a bizarre wedding in Gondal, the bride and groom got divorced with immediate effect minutes after tying the knot. The groom side arrived from Kheda to Gondal and the reason for their divorce is silly.

Guess what? Both got divorced because they had a small argument over lunch. When things went from bad to worse, both sides quickly called their advocates and the couple was divorced in a short period of time. Then, somebody notified the police.

After arrival, the dispute stopped. In the ‘mandap’ (a temporary platform set up for weddings and religious ceremonies) itself, both parties called their advocates and got the couple divorced, in what was one of the worst scenes.

Indian Couple get married, get divorced minutes later over a silly 'Lunch Fight'

Moreover, they also returned the gifts exchanged during ceremonies minutes back. Marriage is for the ones who never give up unconditional ‘love’ no matter what happens between the two.

Understanding and forgiving a person is the best way to strengthen the relationship.

If you know the difference between ‘Impress’ and ‘Express’, then you are bound to have a great deal of camaraderie with your crush. To build a relationship, one has to learn to express in a genuine way just to make yourself and the opposite person comfortable.

Understanding makes life, dating and relationship easier; going about the business wouldn’t be a tough task if you know what’s going on in her mind. Most of the times, we tend to play with our mind rather than asking her, and keep guessing whether she wants to carry on the friendship to next step.

Do you want to know that your friend is more than the friend herself and sees a scope of being with you for life-long? It is certain that some of these signs will clear your doubts.