Neighbour calls cops to report ‘inappropriate’ dressing style of a woman

Neighbour calls cops to report ‘inappropriate’ dressing style of a woman

In our country, there are quite a lot of nonsensical, retrogressive and unethical practices which we are following since ages and the can you guess what’s the one sole reason which never lets us get over these things? The word “Culture” or “Tradition”, which are often misused to the greatest of effects.

We currently live in a country that intends to go up and above in every walk of life, but many “Cultures” or “Traditions” are halting the progress. It might as well seem incredibly difficult to bring about an end to these customs which are of no use to the country, but it’s definitely not impossible.

We can’t expect to change things overnight, we have to do it brick by brick and results can be expected only in the long run. These days, there have been several women who came under fire for their weird or inappropriate dressing style.

The woman claimed that her neighbour informed the cops because she didn’t like how much body her dresses exposed and found her outfits to be “offensive” or “inappropriate”.

The footage shows the young lady telling the police man, “I am fully dressed, she just doesn’t like my style. I told her, my body offends you, that’s what the issue is and I’m allowed to exist and be hot and I’m gonna continue to do so. I don’t know what she expects you to do.”

The video spread like wildfire on social media and was watched more than 11 million times. Meanwhile, the netizens took to social media to talk about the video with many sharing messages of support for Rovi.

One person said: “The way you advocate for yourself unapologetically chefs kiss.” Another person wrote: “YES QUEEN.”

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