Woman escapes with Gold after sedating family members with “fake” COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 is an infectious disease which is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus epidemic. Majority of people who contracted the virus infection will tend to go through mild to moderate symptoms and then recover without special treatment.

World Health Organisation also added that the whole world has to be prepared for the next pandemic. “We’ve seen this past year that countries with robust health emergency preparedness infrastructure have been able to act quickly to contain and control the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

WHO also plans to come up with a perfect resolution for strengthening nations and their readiness to quickly respond to coronavirus pandemic outbreaks like the novel coronavirus.

Ahead of the 73rd World Health Assembly, World Health Organisation stated: “Although this is a global crisis, many countries and cities have successfully prevented or controlled transmission with a comprehensive, evidence-based approach.

For the first time, the world has rallied behind a plan to accelerate the development of the vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics we need, and to ensure they are available to all countries on the basis of equity. The Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator is delivering real results.”

Woman escapes with Gold after sedating family members with “fake” COVID-19 vaccine

In shocking news, a woman from Tamil Nadu has escaped with gold jewellery after sedating family members with “fake” COVID-19 vaccine. The accused woman was identified as V Sathyapriya escaped with gold weighing 19 sovereigns from her family members after she had administered the ‘fake’ vaccine to aunt, her husband & daughters

The accused woman was a resident of Keezhkudikaadu village in Kunnam taluk of Perambalur district. She works at an online marketing firm in Perambalur.

Three days ago, the accused woman visited her aunt K Rasathi, who is a resident of Lakkor village near Ramanatham in Cuddalore. At this time, the accused asked Rasathi if she could administer the vaccine to her, her husband and two daughters.

As reported by TOI, Rasathi agreed and administered sedatives to the family in the name of COVID-19 vaccine. After that, Rasathi, her husband Krishnamoorthy and their daughters K Krithinga and K Monika started feeling uncomfortable. They also lost consciousness and after that, Sathyapriya escaped with gold mangalsutras, chains.

When the family woke up the next day, they learnt that Rasathi’s six-sovereign mangalsutra, Krithiga’s 10-sovereign mangalsutra, 1-sovereign chain and Monika’s 2-sovereign chain were stolen. The family then went to the nearby police station and lodged a complaint.

The police initiated a probe and successfully traced the woman. During the interrogation, the woman had admitted to administering sedatives to the family and escaping with jewels. Meanwhile, the police recovered the stolen jewels and booked the accused under the sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).