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A huge metallic ball found this week near Sea-Shore, but what is it after all?

There is a country named Bahamas, located to the east of Florida in the United States. It is very famous for tourism. In shocking news, a British woman found a shiny metal ball while walking on a beach in Bahamas’ Harbour Island. The ball is believed to be a part of a Russian spacecraft.

The woman took some pictures with the shiny ball, which she later uploaded on social media. As soon as she posted pictures on social media, they went viral like wildfire. Now people are discussing what the hell is this?

The shiny object was buried in the sand when the family found it on the evening of February 24. The family figured that the object was from Russia because of the text written on it. Although not completely established, experts believe that it is a hydrazine tank that is used for the launch of unmanned rockets.

According to a report in The Independent, 24-year-old Manon Clarke is the woman who discovered this object in the sand at the beach. Manon explains they started digging to see more of the ball after seeing the text written in Russian. In hindsight, she said that it was a bold move as she and her family did not know the nature of the object they were digging out of the sand.

The report mentions that the family left the object at the beach after they were unable to move it, however, they clicked its pictures and shared it with friends and went again the next day to dig it out of the sand.

Speaking about the object, Associate Professor in Russian Dr Sarah Hudspith from the University of Leeds in England, said that it may have originated from Cuba. Hudspith said that back then, Cuba received equipment from the Soviet Union as it was an ally of the latter.

Another researcher Dr Martin Archer who is a UKRI Stephen Hawking Fellow in Space Physics and Public Engagement from Department of Physics at Imperial College London, said that most satellites from space fall in the ocean. He told The Independent that it was mysterious how the space object was found in the Bahamas.

According to Archer, most operators aim for such tanks to be destroyed in ‘spacecraft cemetery in the South Pacific Ocean, however, the conditions are not always under control. Archer also says that there is a possibility that the ball was a spare part that was accidentally dropped in the ocean.

Written by Dharam Sikarwar

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.

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