Watch: Bengaluru woman alleges Zomato delivery man assaulted her

In a shocking incident, a Bengaluru women has now alleged that Zomato delivery man attacked her inside her residence due to delay in bringing her order. The woman identified as Hitesha Chandranee, who is a content creator showed a bloody gash on her nose that she said was the result of the delivery man assaulting her.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter handle of food delivery app – Zomato replied to her video clip adding that a “local representative shall be in touch with you shortly to help you with the police investigation…”

Ms Chandranee pointed to her bloody nose, “So guys my Zomato delivery order was late and I was talking to the customer care executive. And meanwhile the delivery person just did this. He hit me, left me bleeding here and ran off.”

In yet another video clip, the Bengaluru resident said, “I ordered food from Zomato as I was working since morning. I ordered food around 3:30 pm, which was supposed to get delivered by 4:30 pm, and I did not get the order on time, so I was constantly following up with the Zomato customer care that either give me a free delivery for the same or just cancel the order…”

“And then the Zomato delivery guy came here. He was so rude… I didn’t open the full door, I spoke to him from a gap in the door and told him am talking to the customer care… I told him I don’t want the order since it was very late.

But he refused to take the order and started screaming, ‘bloody I am your slave or what’… It felt so threatening, I got scared and I tried to push the door. But he was so huge, he pushed back the door, snatched the order back from me and punched me. Then he ran away…” Ms Chandranee spoke in a nearly 4-minute-long video on Instagram.

Zomato in a recent statement added that the delivery partner has been delisted from the company. “We can’t emphasise how sorry we are, rest assured we’ll take necessary actions to prevent such incidents from happening in the future,” Zomato tweeted.

“We deeply regret this incident and apologise to Hitesha for this traumatic experience. We are in touch with her and are providing our complete support through the necessary medical care and investigation. Meanwhile, we have delisted the delivery partner from our platform,” Zomato said in the statement.

Meanwhile, a case has been filed with Electronic City police station in Bengaluru and the delivery man has been detained.

Watch the video below: