List of people who surprised everyone on their marriage, details inside

‘Wedding’ is a ceremony where two souls are united in marriage. Of all the grand ceremonies we have ever seen, wedding is the most amazing thing. Wedding practices vary greatly between cultures, religions and countries.

Planning a wedding in advance helps you to organise the ceremony rather smoothly. It is quite obvious that the concerned family spend tiring weeks preparing for an event. It includes activities like shopping, calling photographers, arranging caterers, sending invites and so on.

In this article, we will take a look at the list of women who did crazy things on their marriage.

Woman marries herself, spends Rs 1 Lakh on Wedding and Kisses Mirror

In a rare instance, a woman in the United States of America fell in love with herself and then married herself in a wedding ceremony. She shelled out INR 1.02 lakh for her wedding. As per TNN report, the woman broke up with her boyfriend and hitched to herself.

Woman marries herself, spends Rs 1 Lakh on Wedding and Kisses Mirror, read details

The woman by the name of Meg hails from Atlanta. She added that she wanted to get married on Halloween, 2020. Nonetheless, after she split with her boyfriend, she knew she had to change the plan.

So she started planning her wedding sans groom. The woman ordered a delicious cake and dress followed by a diamond ring. The 35-year-old hitched to herself in formal wedding ceremony. Meg’s closest friends and family members marked their presence for the wonderful occasion.

Interestingly, the woman had walked down the aisle, read the vows and after that, she accepted her own wedding ring and then kissed a mirror.

“Part of marrying myself was about going beyond people-pleasing or trying to look a certain way. It was about saying yes to my own desires,” Meg told

For the first time ever, man falls in love with a pillow, gets married to it

Will you marry a pillow? Take some time to imagine if you could ever take this decision? We’ll leave it to your imagination. However, probably for the first time ever, a South Korean fell in love with a pillow and got married to it. It indeed sounds unbelievable and crazy at the same.

Well, he won’t have to spend too much money on the pillow. He is now living a happy life. It is a strange story about a man identified as Lee Jin Gyu who seriously married a pillow which he named as Fate Testarossa. Even the Korean media made a full coverage of his wedding with an anime character on a pillow.


Many people found this love story strange like how can a man love an object and live with it for the rest of the life? While others even doubted that it might just be a publicity stunt. Lee Jin Gyu since then backed himself over the subject of these criticisms.

He added several times that he is really madly in love with the pillow Fate Testarossa. Lee named his ‘dakimura’ (kind of large, huggable pillow from Japan) after the character on it. It has been said that Fate is a character from an anime series named Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Ever since he bought the pillow, he started loving it to the core. In fact, he is even having a date with ‘Fate’ in malls, amusement, public parks and wherever places he goes, he takes Fate with him. Isn’t it really amusing? “My love for Fate is unchangeable, but I will take more time to think about our marriage”, said Lee before marrying Fate.

The wedding ceremony happened in a church, and their marriage garnered a lot of mixed reaction from the public.

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Cambodia woman marries a Cow believing it’s her ‘Reincarnated Husband’

Reincarnation is called transmigration in religion and it is the rebirth of an individual that continues after bodily death, be it consciousness, mind, the soul, or some other entity in one or more successive existences.

It should be noted that eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have immense beliefs in reincarnation. There is a recent story in Cambodia about a 74-year-old woman identified as Khim Hang and a cow.

Khim Hang firmly believes that the young calf is the reincarnation of her dead husband. They both are happily married now and living together in Kratie Cambodia.

Tol Khut her husband passed away a year ago and it broke Khim’s heart. Having survived the genocide from 1975-1979, they went through hardships in life through thick and thin. Previously, this July, a young calf was born and it started to show similar traits of Tol Khut.

The calf was more affectionate towards them and it did act more like ‘human’. The calf’s action made Khim firmly believe that her husband’s soul is present in young calf’s body. At their wedding ceremony, many people were invited to witness one of the most strange exchanges of vows.

However, Khim’s belief that her husband is reincarnated as a young cow is not frowned upon by Cambodians, more than 90% of Cambodians are Buddhists and believe in reincarnation.

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