Muslims help perform the last rites of Pandit Woman in Kashmir’s Baramulla

In a heartwarming gesture that will bridge the communal gap, Muslim neighbours did the last rites of a pandit woman in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district as per the local reports.

As per a report in Greater Kashmir, Rani Kaul drew her last breath on Saturday. But the last rites was delayed by a day as her relatives had to go all the way from the national capital to attend the funeral.

Muslims help perform the last rites of Pandit Woman in Kashmir's Baramulla
Credits: Mubashir Khan/Greater Kashmir

From collecting wood for the funeral to carrying the body to the crematorium, the Muslim neighbours had joined hands to carry out all the basic formalities for Rani’s last rites, in accordance with the cremation practices of Kashmiri Pandits.

The report added that the neigbours participated in the funeral on Sunday and assisted in processing the last rites of the deceased woman. It was said that Rani Kaul’s is the only Pandit house in a locality where around 600 Muslims live.

S L Raina, one of the relatives of the Rani said he was immensely grateful to the Muslims of the area. “We did not have to be concerned about anything about the last rites of Rani ji as the local Muslims arranged and provided for everything. I am very thankful to them,” he was quoted as saying by Greater Kashmir.

Hindus donate Land for ‘Burial Ground’ to Muslims in Ayodhya

Hindus in UP’s Ayodhya stepped forward only to donate land to Muslims so that it can be used as ‘burial ground’ by them.

It has been learnt that the land was donated in the Belarikhan village under the Gosaiganj Assembly constituency. The land had long been a subject of debate between the two communities until now.

Surya Kumar Jhinkan Maharaj, who is a local seer, and other shareholders signed the deed for 1.25 bissas of land on the date June 20 to bury the hatchet once and for all.

The other signatories came from Ram Prakash Bablu, Ram Singar Pandey, Ram Shabad, Jiya Ram, Subhash Chandra, Rita Devi, Vindhyachal and Awadhesh Pandey.

“The land belonged to Hindus as per records. It is by the side of a graveyard and some Muslims have buried their dead on the land. There were disputes and tension. But now, we have settled the matter,” Jhinkan Maharaj told news agency IANS.

“The deed is now in favour of the Qabristan Committee, Gosainganj and it will soon be entered in revenue records,” Vais Ansari, President of the Qabristan Committee told IANS.

Khabbu Tiwari who is the local BJP MLA who took the initiative told IANS, “The tradition of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood here is not new. This was a small token of love from Hindus to Muslims. I hope this amity will continue.”

Religion never divided these two communities in the town and it is no wonder why they share each other’s happiness and sorrows. They all enjoy each others’ festivals because humanity is always the winner no matter what situation it is.