Most Popular Fantasy Games Among Youth Today

Having a craze to play a sport is very common. But there is a set of people who think beyond and are interested in taking control over the entire match. If you are among those who want to not just play the game but be the coach, fantasy sports are for you. 

According to the recent publication on the World Economic Forum, India’s gaming industry is booming with full pace, one of the main reasons being the mobiles staging the games as it makes games available to the youth from all sections of the society. However, this accessibility has come up as a blessing for teens who desire to spend some time brainstorming and utilising the sports skills they have.

Fantasy sports give you a chance to be the controller of the game. It lets you be the coach of the important upcoming tournaments. As a fantasy gamer, you can live your dream of being a coach of the players you select. You can utilise your own senses and make fruitful decisions to take the game in the right direction. 

Well, you won’t be on the field but the field will completely be under your control. That’s right. You will get a wide range of tournaments and contests to choose from based on the type of match you want to play. Besides giving you an opportunity to win cash prizes, these fantasy games will also give moments of relaxation, fun, and enjoyment.

Whether you want to play a cricket coach or a basketball coach, it will completely depend on the sport you choose. The fantasy sports are available on different online platforms, which you can opt for. So far as the youth is concerned, the following are the most sought-after fantasy games that they are inclined towards:

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Hockey
  • Fantasy Kabaddi

Among all the other fantasy sports, cricket seems to be the most popular one. If you are fond of it too, you can click on and know the guidelines to ensure winning the game every time you play.

Top Fantasy Games for Youth

Fantasy Cricket

A team of 11 players virtually selected to bat and ball in a match. And who selects them … YOU. Yes, you as a gamer get an opportunity to choose your players for the team from any upcoming real-life match. You have the liberty to have whoever you want onboard keeping in mind different factors. Your decision-making will have a direct impact on the match you decide your players play. The gamer with the highest point on the leaderboard is declared as the winner of the game.

Player selection is one of the most crucial decisions to make to ensure a win. Most people consider the previous forms of the players and choose them for the current match. However, it is recommended to focus more on the skillsets of the players and not on their previous forms and performances. At times, you will find a player who has scored the most is hardly able to make any run in another match.

Thus, as a coach, you will have to be sensitive enough to check whether a particular player would be fit for the current match. Once your senses give a green signal, go for it. In fantasy cricket, there are platforms that also give winners a chance to meet their favourite cricket players. You never know how lucky you turn out to be. Give it a try!

Fantasy Football

Football is in no way less popular than cricket among the youth. As a result, fantasy football too has become yet another most sought-after sport in the current times. As gamers, you will have the opportunity to select the leagues you want to associate with. You can pick up players from Li Liga, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, etc. As a football fan, you can utilise all your knowledge and skills to make your team compete against the opponents. 

Select real-life players for the matches based on the skills and consistent performance that they have shown in their matches. You can watch your favourite player play on the field as per the instructions you give. You have to select one goalkeeper, 3-5 defenders, 3-5 midfielders, and 1-3 forwards for the game and receive 100 credits only for team selection. Finally, you have to choose the captain and vice-captain for the team you form.

When you select players for a team, there are a few rules you are expected to follow. When you get 100 credits, the choice of team players leads to respective deductions from that point as and when you select a player. Have the best players in the team record an unexpected win.

Fantasy Basketball

Like other sports, basketball team selection too is quite crucial. You can have the top players selected from the best teams like San Antonio Spurs. Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, and Milwaukee Bucks, etc. You will be required to select 1-4 Point Guards, 1-4 Shooting Guards, 1-4 Power Forwards, 1-4 Small Forwards & 1-4 Centres. 

Once you have selected the players. Choose your Star Player for the team. Like football, you will receive 100 credits for team selection, from which respective points will be deducted as and when you select a player for your team.

Fantasy Hockey

When you start your game of hockey as a coach, the first thing applicable for every game is to select a perfect team. For this sport, you will have to choose two players from Centre position, two from the Goaltender (goalie) position, two Left Wing players, two Right Wing players, two Defense positions, and 3-6 Bench/ Utility slots. Once a suitable team is formed, you can start the game.

Fantasy Kabaddi 

Seeing the increasing craze for the sport of Kabaddi, many online platforms have introduced the fantasy version of this game as well. To form a team, you will require selecting 7 players, including the captain and vice-captain. Selecting a captain will let you score 2x points, adding to whatever the ream scores in the actual match. For a vice-captain, on the other hand, you will get 1.5x points.

The above-mentioned fantasy sports give you a chance to associate with your favourite game and twist and turn it based on the skills and knowledge that you possess. Hence, utilise the same and record significant wins back-to-back.