I’m getting Money, Wine to protest, I am enjoying my life: Protester’s leaked Phone call reveals

farmer protest
"I support Modi but I am protesting for money"

Amid the ongoing protests against Centre’s three farm laws, a telephonic conversation between a so-called farmer and his friend is increasingly going viral on social media, where the former confides that the ‘farmers’ protest is sponsored. He admits of being paid and provided free booze to encamp at the Ghazipur border.

The audio recording was shared by BJP Delhi spokesperson Neetu Dabas.

Throughout the conversation, the ‘farmer’ seems to be quite delighted with the arrangements made for them at the border area, where they have been protesting for over two months now. He tells his friend that he is enjoying luxurious life there. They get paid anything between Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per day to join protests, and at night they are provided with free alcohol bottles.

“Hum toh aa gaye the ghumne. Maza aa raha hain pura. Yahin khaana, yahin peena, yahin rehna hain” (We are here on a holiday. We are having a fun time. We have to eat, drink, live here only), the ‘farmer’ tells his friend, as he confirms that almost 20 tractors have come from his village, alone, to join the protest. In what appears from the conversation, that these people have been incentivised to dedicate their free time to the protests.

When his friend asks him, whether there are chances of violence at the Ghazipur border, similar to Faridabad, the ‘farmer’ concurs.

The ‘farmer’ is further heard eulogising Modi government’s new-farm laws. He says that the government is doing the right thing and there is nothing wrong with the new agricultural laws, against which the farmers have expressed a steely determination to continue their protest until they are repealed. “The BJP government has been phenomenal, but these morons are not understanding”, the ‘farmer’ tells his friend during the 2-minute conversation that has gone viral on social media.

On Republic Day, hundreds of rioters broke barricade at the Delhi border ahead of the scheduled time for Tractor rally and reached the Red Fort, all the time unleashing violence on the Delhi Police. The rioting mob then sieged the Red Fort and unfurled the Khalsa Nishan on the historical monument.

Soon afterwards, videos surfaced showing a trolley stockpiled with locally-sourced and international alcoholic beverages. It was reported that several protestors drove under influence and attempted to mow down police officials when they tried to stop them.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.
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