7 Hidden Signs a Girl really likes you, do not miss this

If you know the difference between ‘Impress’ and ‘Express’, then you are bound to have a great deal of camaraderie with your crush. To build a relationship, one has to learn to express in a genuine way just to make yourself and the opposite person comfortable at the best scene.

In this way, you would build a strong foundation before having to build a fortress step by step. After getting into the scheme of things, impressing has to be the only way left. Once you get to know each other, you need to impress her so much so that she should go awe at you!

Credits: Times of India via Representative Image

However, we have chipped in with six satisfactory signs that say a girl likes you more than just a friend.

#1. ​​She believes you are special:

Understanding makes life, dating and relationship easier; going about the business wouldn’t be a tough task if you know what’s going on in her mind. Most of the times, we tend to play with our mind rather than asking her, and keep guessing whether she wants to carry on the friendship to next step. Do you want to know that your friend is more than the friend herself and sees a scope of being with you for life-long? It is certain that some of these signs will clear your doubts.

#2. She wants to know you better as a person:

If she has interest in you, it is very much certain that she will always be eager to know more about you from the word go. From your day-to-day routine to your little habits, the way you take things, she will try to observe every snippet of details from you.

Also, when you discuss anything, she will be listening to it no matter how senseless it is and might even come up with a few questions to understand you better as a person. This helps her know yourself a little better than before.

#3. She remembers what you said:

No matter what you said, be it a compliment or your favourite food, colour, or anything else, she remembers that for a long time. If you once told her that you love biriyani, she will make a mental note of it and take you to a Biriyani restaurant for a date.

If you told her your likes and dislikes, she will behave accordingly just to make the relationship intact. In fact, she has already started looking at the wavelengths you both have and it’s a clear-cut indication that she is trying to bring out that you both have a connection.

#4. She always has special time for you

No matter how she is running through hectic schedule, she always has a special time for you. She likes to relish the time with you during the weekends as she considers you as her top-notch priority. Also, things can be a real more interesting if she tries to stretch the date by asking you to come for a little walk before she reaches home. These small things count a lot in the build-up to a positive and healthy relationship.

#5. She introduces and talks about you with her friends

There is nothing to worry about when it’s true love. Whenever she talks to her besties, she mentions your name so that they get to know that you both hang out together and spend some quality time. Before introducing you to her friends, she would ask you whether you like to meet her friends in the times to come. And if she wants you to introduce you to her family members even as a friend, it’s also a strong sign that you are pretty much close to her

#6. She is proactive in texting and calling

Whenever you text her, she replies you immediately because she prioritizes you first over others. Also, She likes to start and end her day by texting you jokes, funny messages, sweet nothings and so on. She finds some reasons to phone you and have a great deal of fun with you.

#7. She has a different attitude with you

You can sense a difference in her body language especially when she talks with you. She makes an eye contact with you and keeps staring at you even if you are not looking at her. She would make extra efforts to make you feel special and what else you need boy?. Also, she might find ways to touch you (not necessarily sexually) by placing her hand around your shoulders or simply holding your hand.