Delhi horror: women in burqa opens fire, burqa is becoming a threat to public safety?

In a shocking incident, a woman named Nusrat has been arrested for firing multiple shots at a shop after a quarrel with its owner, reported Times of India. The incident occurred on November 18 at Chauhan Bangar area in North-East Delhi where the woman in Burqa fired 4 bullets at the shop.

Nusrat was abusing while spraying bullets from her pistol at the closed shutter of a shop. According to the Times of India report, the shop belonged to a man named Fahim and that the woman had fired four shots at it. A video of this incident has gone viral on social media.

In the video, which is doing the rounds on social media, the woman could be heard shouting the choicest of expletives, before firing the shots. While hurling abuses, she claimed to be the sister of gangster Nasir. The woman was then taken away by her accomplice on a bike. The video has since then gone viral on social media. The woman claims that she is the sister of Nasir.

The accused was identified as Nusrat, who confessed to the crime during the interrogation session at the police custody. The police informed that a quarrel ensued between Fahim and Nusrat for not returning the mortgaged cell phone of another man named Shahrukh. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ved Prakash Surya, said, “She said they had an altercation as Fahim was not returning the mortgaged mobile phone of Shahrukh, a man known to her.”

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